The Healthy Habit Radio Show

The Healthy Habit Radio Show is the quintessential, daily call-in wellness talk show which broadcasts live each weekday morning from Healthy Habit Health Foods in Phoenix, AZ.

The Healthy Habit Radio Show showcases the latest breakthroughs in functional and integrative medicine featuring world-class physicians, nutraceutical industry experts, celebrities, professional athletes, noted authors and most importantly, our listeners, who chronicle their own personal stories of health and recovery!

The general theme of The Healthy Habit Radio Show is to explore and understand the many benefits of alternative medicine & treatments, while seeking to resolve the underlying causes of illness through more natural solutions. Longevity and quality of life are always the primary focus of this enlightening show!

Guests on The Healthy Habit Radio Show encourage hope by presenting the latest methods of alternative treatment, ranging from nutraceutical technology and I.V. nutritional supplements, to advanced dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Join hosts Jaime Boyachek, RN FNLP, and Jennifer Rassmussen, CNHP, in discovering a better path to freedom from whatever ails you, with natural solutions and the latest breakthroughs in modern (and ancient!) technologies.




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