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Francis Battaglia President of Independent Talk 1100 KFNX on how he built his 44,000+ social network

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Francis Battaglia, President of Independent Talk 1100 KFNX gives lecture on how he built his 44,000+ social media network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ at Catholic Business Resources at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church on 4/2/14.

Why should you host your own radio show

Hosting your own radio show is one of the best ways you can brand yourself as an expert in your industry, elevate yourself above your competition and grow your business. And it’s easy, helpful and fun! Hosting your own radio show gives you instant credibility. People automatically assume you’re and expert and know what you’re talking about just because you’re on the radio. Your own show gives you a platform to showcase your knowledge and experience. It also gives you a platform to invite other top experts in your industry on your show as a guest. This reinforces your credentials as an expert and associates you with the top experts in your industry. Plus, it’s a great door opener and networking opportunity in your industry. As a talk show host you have the power of media! Hosting your own radio show elevates, separates and differentiates yourself from your competition. How many competitors do you have? A lot! How many are on the radio? Very few. How many host their own show? Even less. Every city has a number of talk radio stations in it. Every station needs to fill 168 hours each week with the best content possible. That means there are numerous hours available. Some even have the very coveted prime time hours available which reach more potential listeners. Primetime in radio is from 6 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. Rates are usually very affordable. Most stations include in the show cost production, promotional spots to promote the show and commercial spots to promote your business that run throughout the stations other programming. You can also sell ads on you show. Some hosts charge guests to be on the show or package guest appearances with ads on the show. You can also invite potential and current customers and vendors on your show as a guest. Hosts can also personally endorse sponsors on the show. These could not only pay for the cost of the show but generate an additional income stream. Very few stations offer training for the show and sales assistance for sponsor acquisition to pay for the show. It helps if the station has good programming. That means more listeners for your show, more listeners hearing your promos for your show and your commercials on the other shows and more listeners hearing your guests and advertisers. The show is also a public service, disseminating helpful information to the listeners. Talk shows are entertaining. Talk shows are easy to do. You’re the expert in your industry. You get to choose the topics, guests and take calls from the listeners. Plus, its fun to do! Radio has its largest audience in its 100 year history. Radio is still one of the most affordable, effective and powerful ways to promote and grow your business. Because listeners are tuned into your show and stay tuned in, leads generated are highly qualified. Radio is a great part of an overall marketing and media mix, complementing and enhancing all of your other marketing and advertising. Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t host your own radio show? I didn’t think so. I look forward to listening to your show on the radio.

Independent Talk 1100 KFNX launches the New Political Show,  Liberty Storm with host Shane Krauser


ANd9GcRTIMuwywYCGzNJxMgtwz3n84mX8XANEtPsViZiXidpkxp_tU6QANd9GcRTIMuwywYCGzNJxMgtwz3n84mX8XANEtPsViZiXidpkxp_tU6QANd9GcRTIMuwywYCGzNJxMgtwz3n84mX8XANEtPsViZiXidpkxp_tU6QLiberty Storm with Shane Krauser         Monday – Friday 1-3 pm on 1100 KFNX

Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser is Talk Radio that is Real and Relentless. The show deals with the relevant political and social issues of the day and talks about serious solutions. Can we return America back to the safe harbor of freedom that it once was?

Shane Krauser is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education and widely sought after due to his expertise. He is an adjunct professor of constitutional and criminal law, a certified NRA firearms instructor, the chief instructor of K-Force Vanguard, a former prosecutor, and a partner with the law firm of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner. He is a radio talk show host in Arizona and also the author of 'Your Nation to Save'. Shane has spoken to groups and organizations all over the country, appeared on TV, and written for various national media outlets. His public appearances include patriotic rallies, addressing large crowds at political and corporate conventions, and guided expert panels with numerous political figures.

As a true original, Shane relies solely on the Constitution for the basis of his argument. Shane’s attitude and gratitude for our national heritage will both inspire and entertain you. Shane's audiences are intrigued and engaged by the intense, interactive discussions he leads pertaining to fundamental rights, religious protections, government restraint, constitutional history, and the many guarantees and protections under the Bill of Rights. Discover why many have referred to him as the “best instructor of the Constitution in the country.”

- For more info on the show go to: libertystormradio.com

St Vincent De Paul Restoring Hope Community Fundraising Breakfast 11/14/13

Please join me Thursday November 14, 7:30 - 9am at The Arizona Biltmore. http://www.stvincentdepaul.net/events/restoring-hope-through-faith-and-love-community-fundraising- Thank you for helping us to Feed, Clothe, House, and Heal the lives of Arizonians struggling with poverty and homelessness. By joining forces with us, you made our annual Restoring Hope through Faith and Love Community Breakfast our largest fundraiser. Things to Remember: -Date: Thursday, November 14th -Where: Arizona Biltmore -Registration begins at 6am and the program is from 7:30-9:00 am -The breakfast is free to all who attend. This is a fundraiser and donations are encouraged. -Many people tell us that they didn't know any donation to St. Vincent de Paul qualifies for the working poor tax credit. They will receive a dollar-for-dollar charitable state tax credit with a gift of up to $200 ($400 if filing jointly). If you would like to attend, Please RSVP to me by Wednesday, October 30th. (Please give me your and your guests if any name, address, email and phone #).. I will be hosting a number of tables and you can sit at my table. Francis Battaglia President Independent Talk 1100 KFNX .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 602-277-1100 X 1463
Is radio still relevant in a new media world?

Rodney Dangerfield isn’t the only one not getting respect. Radio is second only to television in consumer’s total media consumption. 93% of Americans tune in every single day, that’s over 243 million people each week, the most in radio’s 100 year history. They’re Listening on average for over 2 ½ hours each day. Radio is America’s companion. Radio was the original and still is the top social media in America. Radio remains as ubiquitous as ever, reaching a wider audience than ever before, available everywhere our listeners are, including free, over-the-air terrestrial radio and streaming across multiple platforms such as Pc’s, laptops, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, TV’s and more. Radio continues to be the biggest national marketing platform and more cost-efficient than other media, including television. Radio is still the most effective, affordable, flexible and intimate medium. When used creatively, alone or in conjunction with other media, radio increases an advertiser’s overall return on investment. So for any one blinded by the new, shiny object syndrome, you’ve just been shown the radio light. Sincerely, Francis Battaglia Francis Battaglia President Independent Talk 1100 KFNX 602-277-1100 X 1463 602-248-1478- Fax .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) http://www.facebook.com/FrancisBattaglia http://www.twitter.com/Francis_KFNX http://www.linkedin.com/Francis_KFNX http://www.1100kfnx.com
Vote for KFNX in Ranking Arizona by 7/31/13!

Ranking Arizona, The Best of Arizona Business Voting for the largest business opinion poll ends on July 31st. Regardless of where you are in the country you can help make KFNX #1 by voting. It only takes a few easy steps: Visit http://rankingaz.com, select Search By Name Type KFNX, then select Advertising and Marketing\Radio Stations\KFNX Talk Radio Enter your email address and select Cast My Vote Ranking Arizona Some of the reasons you might vote for KFNX: KFNX has one of the largest signals of any Phoenix Radio Station with 50,000 watts reaching almost 5 million people KFNX features: 'Imus in the Morning' 3-6 am, 'The Laura Ingraham Show' mornings 6-9 am, 'The Dennis Miller Show' mid-mornings 10 am-12 noon, 'The Mike Huckabee Show' mid-days from 1-3 pm,'The Herman Cain Show' afternoons 5-7 pm, 'The Michael Savage Show' nights 7-9 pm, and 'The Lars Larson Show' weeknights from 10 pm-1 am. KFNX provides listeners the most informative and entertaining programming KFNX offers our advertisers and talk show hosts the most cost effective way to get their message out to accomplish their goals KFNX is committed to serving the community in the best manner possible Voting ends July 31st, will you help me? Please be sure to let me know if there is anything I can do to help you too. Sincerely, Marketing Director, Independent Talk 1100 KFNX Listen to KFNX 1100 in Phoenix on your am dial or click to listen live http://www.1100kfnx.com

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