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What Business Are You In? - Part 2

There is a famous Warren Buffett line that goes something like this -  'Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.' Now he was talking about investments and business valuations, but the theme applies.

Customers are always willing to spend more if they see the value of your product or service. The benefit of creating a good brand that clients can bond with is, it will usually lead to a better long term business with repeat customers. Your clients want to identify with your brand. It also helps them to recommend it to other people. When clients become fans, then they want to tell others about what they found.

Why Should You Host Your Own Radio Show

Hosting your own radio show is one of the best ways you can brand yourself as an expert in your industry, elevate yourself above your competition and grow your business. And it’s easy, helpful and fun!


Hosting your own radio show gives you instant credibility.  People automatically assume you’re and expert and know what you’re talking about just because you’re on the radio.  Your own show gives you a platform to showcase your knowledge and experience. It also gives you a platform to invite other top experts in your industry on your show as a guest.  This reinforces your credentials as an expert and associates you with the top experts in your industry.  Plus, it’s a great door opener and networking opportunity in your industry.  As a talk show host you have the power of media!

KFNX Video: How to Create Your Next Webinar

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KFNX Blog: What Business Are You In?

‘What Business Are You In?’ This the famous question from the classic business consultant, Peter Drucker. This was one of Drucker’s key questions for management to figure out, the who, what, where, why and how of their business.

The point of the question was to really challenge business owners to understand what their real objectives are.


Human resources are your most important asset. Your business will only be as successful as your employees. The more successful your employees, the more successful your business. Your employees are the ones who represent your company to the public, deal with your customers and do most of the work. So how do you recruit, hire, compensate, train, manage and motivate employees to be successful?

KFNX Videos:  8 steps to Making a Webinar

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KFNX Blog: 10 Tips for a New Business to Start a Blog:

1. Decide the purpose of the blog.

Do this before going out and registering a domain name or anything else. Is the blog going to serve as a journal for starting the business? Is it a search marketing tool? Is it to be used to demonstrate thought leadership and create credibility? Will it be a communication tool for customers? Will it also serve as the main company web site? Is the purpose some or all of the above?

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