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KFNX Blog: 8 Steps to Making a Webinar

 The best way to describe a webinar is it is nothing more than a presentation in online video form. Written below are some very basic steps to create a good webinar.

KFNX Video: All Business is Local

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There's no good reason for excuses. Excuses don't accomplish anything. Benjamin Franklin said "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." They stop us from improving our self and from doing what needs to be done. They only lead to failure, not success. Rudyard Kipling said "We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse." Merriam Webster defines an excuse as a reason that you give to explain a mistake or bad behavior, reasons that you give to explain why you cannot do something or something that explains improper behavior and makes it acceptable. Though most of us still make excuses. Why do we make excuses when they're so self-defeating?



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KFNX Blog: How to Get in Front of Your Next Big Customer


            It’s not just about who you know, but how you get to know them.

Most business owners know it can be difficult to meet top line potential clients. It usually needs to be in the right setting. Think of where you were you when you met some of your best clients. It may have been a business dinner event, a networking event, or a referral

Your business relationships that grow to be solid and long standing start with meeting the right people. Then it must be fostered in the proper setting. If you do not have the opportunity to connect and build rapport with that potential big client, the rest of the process is bumpy.

            So, business owners need a good way to meet those ‘A’ list clients, and they also need a forum to have a good discussion to start the relationship correctly. You want to be on equal footing to shine thru as an advisor.


How are your relationships? Business? Personal? Family? Friendships? Romantic? Yourself? Any issues? Any recurring patterns? The first reaction is to blame it on the other party. It's easier to see the faults in others than in ourselves. Though relationships take two to tango. We must have had something to do with it. They say most of our problems are of our own making. So how do we honestly look at our part in our relationships and take responsibility for them so we can change and improve all of our relationships?

KFNX Video: How Great Customer Service Leads to More Sales

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KFNX Blog: Tips for Creating an Explainer Video

First tip is to create a great script, A well written script is the key to a successful video. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. Wether the script is written professionally or in house, do not just write it and rush out to produce it. Take your time with it, show co-workers and subordinates and get their input. It helps to define what really matters for your business and think of how best to convey that one thing throughout the theme of your script. Here are some typical example questions:

  •  What is your elevator pitch? (Your product or service in a few sentences)
  •  Who is your target audience? The language will change depending on the demographic you are trying to land as a customer.
  •  What Specific problem are you solving for potential customers?
  •  What is the key benefit you would like to highlight?
  •  What is the tone of your video, funny, professional, conversational, ect.
  •  What is the call to action?, if any
  •  Lastly what visual style you will be using?

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