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Email Marketing Notes

Many small business have discovered years ago the power of email marketing. There are so many different online technology tools to automate areas of a business marketing plan. It has allowed the average small business owner to do more and leverage their database list for better promotion. If this is all new to you, then this blog will help.  I will give you a few reference points regarding online marketing that you may want to learn about further.

The Problem with Online- Only Radio and Podcasting

Why do I need to do a radio show and even pay for it when I can do an online-only show or podcast for free? Because you get what you pay for. If it’s free, what is it worth? Zero. As the old saying goes, “There’s no free lunch!”. Radio gets audience, attracts sponsors and gets results. Online-only radio and podcasting does not. Here’s why.


Programmatic buying is the automation of the buying and selling of digital advertisement placements through real time bidding. This automated decisioning is supported by real time bidding technology and multiple data sources. Programmatic ad buying uses software to purchase digital advertising as opposed to buying from individuals. Programmatic advertising is more efficient. Formally, digital ads were bought and sold by human ad buyers and salespeople which can be expensive and unreliable. Programmatic ad buying technology removes humans from the process wherever possible making it more efficient and cheaper. Technology is replacing more menial tasks that humans have historically done like sending insertion orders to publishers and dealing with ad tags. Humans are still required to optimize campaigns and plan strategies. Programmatic technology will probably decrease ad buyers and sellers but allows marketers and sellers to spend more time planning sophisticated, customized campaigns. Here’s how it’s done.

What are a Business Owner’s Options to get Financing

There are many ways to fund a small business initially. Some are obviously better than others, but it is good to always weigh your options to determine what works best for a given situation. Most lenders will have you fill out an application, possibly a credit report, and provide information on the business to apply for a loan.

Increasing Your Sales

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. No sales, no business. Your business is as successful as its sales. From goal setting, to marketing and lead generation, to lead nurture, to closing, to customer service and retention, there’s a lot to do to make sales. So how do you increase your sales?


 Here are the previous blogs with links that I posted regarding making the most of your Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Storytelling is all the rage today. Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, sound or images, often by improvisation or embellishment. Storytelling is more compelling and effective delivering information than just using facts. Our brains are more engaged by storytelling than facts. Storytelling builds customer loyalty. People want to be entertained. Stories are illustrative, easily memorable and create stronger emotional bonds with customers. Tell great stories and grow your business. Great storytellers charm, engage and hold their audience. Managers use storytelling to resolve conflicts, address issues and face challenges. Here are the four main elements to build your story.

Marketing as a System

The business that considers itself immune to the necessity for advertising sooner or later finds itself immune to business.

– Derby Brown, author


It does not matter what great company you mention, chances are they market constantly, and they have a system with a consistent message. McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike all understand how their business operates and what they need to project to their customers.There is a good business book written by Michael Gerber called the E-Myth which breaks down well, the idea that you have to have systems to operate a business. There are things you must understand to succeed over the long term. Marketing is one area where all business' must have a plan.

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