"We don't have a choice on whether we DO Social Media, the question is how well we DO it. " - Eric Qualman

It is hard to say how much connection or selling is done these days just over the phone. The phone is still extremely important, but it is safe to say that the majority of connections are initially made thru networking, social media or even email.

Social media is growing the fastest as the leading option to connect initially with people. In the world of B2B, LinkedIn is the #1 resource that every professional needs to have.

What used to be just a connection website is now much more, and the opportunities to generate sales exist more than ever. LinkedIn has even created premium services to assist also.

LinkedIn was originally created in 2003 by Reid Hoffman (and other Paypal and Socialnet alum) as an online business social network used mainly for recruitment. Since then it has gone public and morphed into the largest professional network online. Currently it boasts over 300 million + members in about 200 countries worldwide.

So we have compiled a quick reference list to assist you with some of the rules for connecting and prospecting thru LinkedIn:


  • Join groups - there are numerous groups you can join with like minded business contacts that provide an excellent opportunity to connect with more people as well provide a good forum to post helpful content. Create your own group to receive the same benefits and attract like minded people to join.
  • LinkedIn Groups are also one of the best forums for discussion, even ongoing discussions to help business connections and prospects with advice or solve their issue.
  • Pay for, and use a premium account with LinkedIn including the Sales Navigator.
  • Your profile should be client friendly and also fit the industry you serve. Besides listing your business, give people a quick summary of what services you provide and keep it current. Also include your volunteer opportunities, causes you care about, skills, education, interests, organizations you belong to, honors, and awards.
  • Have the proper connections on your profile to your company website, your credentials and past experience.
  • Spend time daily to connect with people you know, or ask for an introduction from someone you are connected with already. Use the advanced search features also.
  • Post on your LinkedIn connection weekly both updates about yourself professionally as well as useful content for your connections.
  • If you are already posting a blog on a regular basis, add LinkedIn as a place to also post your blog as well as any other media (videos, etc.) using the publishing platform.
  • When you post on LinkedIn, it helps with SEO if the links go back to your website.
  • Stay in touch with your connections by wishing them Happy Birthdays daily.
  • Help others with recommendations for their services if you have used them and request recommendations.
  • Follow and help clients you connect with.
  • Explore company pages of prospective people you want to meet. Create your own company page.
  • Look at the groups the prospects you contact are in to determine their interests and goals.
  • Research prospects outside of LinkedIn with simple Google searches.
  • Research and keep tabs on what the competition is doing on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has advertising resources that can be used which can be specialized for who you want to connect with based on demographics of prospects.
  • Be responsible with who you recommend or connect with others.
  • Have clear call to actions in the material you post and be direct with people.
  • When possible use LinkedIn as an addition to prospecting (calls, emails, mail) that you are already doing.
  • Be respectful to others online and always act professionally.
  • Be consistent weekly with all of the above.
  • Remember to be smart about how and who you connect with - be targeted.


Good Luck with your social selling and marketing.






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