Consistency Is Key

Whatever you do, be consistent. You know the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Well, neither are businesses , brands, reputations, customers and relationships. They are built over time with a lot of hard work, good work and consistent work. There are many things that we are doing to promote and grow our businesses. We’re marketing, advertising, selling, emailing, blogging, networking and using social media. Unless we’re doing these activities on a regular, ongoing basis, we’re not going to see the results.

The average person is bombarded with over 5,000 advertising messages a day! We can’t just run one or few ads, whether its radio, print, television or billboards and expect immediate results. The average person wouldn’t even been aware of the message yet, let alone respond to it. They need to hear or see the message at least three times before they’re even aware of it, let alone respond to it.

The average person receives over 120 emails per day in their office, not including personal emails! Unless you’re emailing regularly, preferably at least once a week, your emails are going to end up in the junk or deleted file.

Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your SEO! Every blog that you post adds an indexed page to your website, increasing your organic search in Google. Also keywords in your blog increase your SEO. The percentage of businesses blogging now is 65%, up from 48%. You need to blog and blog regularly. Optimally, you should blog weekly, if not daily.

You can’t just show up at a networking group or meeting and expect to generate business. It takes time for people to recognize you, get to know you, trust you and do business with you. Its best to focus on one or more networking groups or meetings that you can attend on a regular, ongoing basis preferably weekly or at least monthly.

An active presence on social media is a necessity today! There are over 1.23 billion people on Facebook, 645+ million on Twitter, 540+million on Google+ and 259+ million on LinkedIn. The average Facebook user receives up to 1,500 posts in their daily news feed. There are 500+ million tweets sent daily. All Google+ posts are indexed by Google and increase your organic search. Unless you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ daily, if not multiple times daily, you’re going to get lost.

So be consistent with all of your efforts on a regular, ongoing basis and reap the rewards!






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