Email Marketing Notes

Many small business have discovered years ago the power of email marketing. There are so many different online technology tools to automate areas of a business marketing plan. It has allowed the average small business owner to do more and leverage their database list for better promotion. If this is all new to you, then this blog will help.  I will give you a few reference points regarding online marketing that you may want to learn about further.

To do email marketing, first you will need to develop a contact list to market to. This can be done via home grown generation through networking functions and contacts you may already know. Lists can be bought from different marketing / lead companies like Salesgenie. Your website can be used if designed right to market and use capture forms that people fill out (name and email). Then you can send out different email blasts - newsletters, offers, events, etc.

Once a list gets bigger (thousands and beyond) you will likely need some sort of a CRM (customer relationship management) software to help with customer data and integrate with email campaigns. Companies like Infusionsoft or Salesforce are two of the biggest and most widely used.

When you send out email campaigns to potential prospects, the offer is used to gain interest. This is called a 'Tripwire' or 'monkey's paw. It is something small that does not require much effort, and is a small commitment. It does establish the business relationship while also offering some initial value and information to people.

It is common in email campaigns to send out a series of emails (2 to 5) with different offers or content. Since people take in information differently, it is good to send out emails with various types of content (articles, videos, power-points, etc.). This will give you the best shot to connect with people.

For example you can send someone an email with a link to the offer. If they click on the link, they are re-directed to a landing page. Then they would need to fill out a form (give their Name, Phone #, and Email) to receive the free offer. There are a wide range of things to offer initially. The common ones are E-Books, whitepapers, video series, free offers, trial products, newsletters, etc.

The good thing about this process, is you can create a sales funnel to monitor it automatically. Sales funnels are used to break up the process and send different emails to prospects depending where they are in the buyer's journey. If a person responds to a particular email in the series, then they get a certain email reply.

It also gives a company somewhat of a visual ad to analyze the marketing process and streamline it better. This will give you an idea of where potential customers are in the process. It is good to know beforehand what your typical or ideal customer looks like. This way you market to that customer profile from the beginning. Ultimately it is the best shot to have people open and respond to your emails.

As people respond, you will need a process beyond just auto-emails to follow up. Good sales is all about the follow up. You will need to determine when a prospect needs to get the sales call. Email campaigns are a good way to gain interest, provide up-front information and gauge interest.

There are a number of websites, YouTube videos, and articles online besides the few links I have in this blog that can help educate you more on this topic. Of course there are companies you can hire who will do this for you. Thanks for reading and good luck marketing.






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