Hosting Your Own Show - FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why would I want to host my own radio show? Business Professionals host radio shows for a variety of reasons. Some use a radio show to highlight their knowledge, increase their position in their industry, increase their awareness, improve their brand, educate and help people and promote their business, and to potentially gain clients. They may use their shows to promote books, seminars, or other parts of their business. In this day and age, having a show is a very impactful tool that makes people take notice and brands you as an "expert. People usually think someone on the radio has more credibility. Also, it’s a lot of fun!

What will I talk about? As the host of the show, you will determine the topics of conversation based on your area of expertise. These are usually the same topics you deal with at the office or meeting with clients every day. Like yourself, our hosts are experts in their field, so coming up with topics to talk about is usually easy. We'll provide you with support to help you structure your show and advise you.

Is this a guest appearance? No. This is a complete, one-hour, once-a-week radio show that you host yourself. Unlike a guest appearance where you may be interviewed for a brief period of time, this lets you experience the credibility, consistency and perks of being in control of the show, week after week.

What if I've never hosted a show before? No problem, we've created shows hosted by local professionals, some of whom have never hosted a radio show. We find experts like yourself, then train and work with them to be a talk show host. If you've ever given a speech, held a seminar or workshop, written a newsletter or other content, or been a guest on radio or TV, chances are we can work with you and create a good show.

Do you provide training for new hosts? Yes, you will talk with our Production Manager who will work with you one-on-one, at a reasonable pace and provide good structure and tips. Our Production Manager is a radio veteran of major radio markets, and can show you some of the ins and outs of how to put on a good show. You will also receive a written guide for your reference.

Why every week? Won't just a one-time radio show be enough? Probably not. Think of all the times you missed a one-time-only special on TV. Your objective is to build an ongoing presence and position yourself as a trusted commentator, as well as to be part of your listeners' routine. Being in the same place and time, week after week, is crucial for building an audience. The momentum your show will experience will build as you progress, and your show will get better and better over time. Listeners will come to know and trust you over time, and the impact of a radio show where people can tune in each week at the same time is important.

Do I have to host the show alone? No, because you determine part of the format of the show, you can host the show by yourself, with a co-host you select, or with several co-hosts in a round table format. Often, having a co-host is an excellent way to make the hosting experience easier and add a different perspective.

Can I take callers? Yes, you have the option of taking listener's phone calls on the air. This is up to you, but can add an interesting element to your show.

Can I interview guests on my show? Yes, you are free to select any guests you want to interview. You can interview colleagues, local and/or national politicians, authors or celebrities on your show. Publishers will be happy to send you free "review copies" of books to interview the author. Some hosts use the show as a networking opportunity by inviting potential and current clients, partners, and hard-to-reach people to be a guest on their show, creating an instant business contact that you wouldn't otherwise get.

When will the show air? Will it be 'Live'? We can talk about what time and day of the week the show might air. We have some possible available weekday afternoon times, weekend daytimes or evenings. We do our best to fit the show within your schedule. The show is done live to have the best possible energy and potential for the show. Shows can also be pre-recorded or rebroadcasted.

How long will I host the show? The initial pilot run of the show is 13 weeks. This gives you time to hone your on-air skills and build momentum and audience for your show. Similar to when you started your career, it will take a few shows to get acclimated and build for the future. It's your choice to continue the show past the initial 13 weeks.

What if I can't commit to 13 weeks? Or I do the show and change my mind? Our goal is to develop long-term hosts that look forward to hosting their show to develop new business, promote their brand, and have fun. All of our pilot runs are 13 weeks, and because of how we schedule our programming, all hosts need to give the show an effort for 13 weeks. There are no further requirements after the pilot if you no longer wish to participate. However, taking advantage of the full pilot term will give you the best indicator of how the show works. Just like in your business, nothing happens overnight. Building a successful show usually takes some time.

Can I take a vacation while my show is on? Or take a week off? Of course, we will work with you to make sure you have flexibility with the show. We understand you may become ill, have to work late, a special event, or out-of-town plans, so on any weeks where you are unavailable, we can replay a past show. You can also arrange for a colleague to substitute for you. In many cases, you can also host the show remotely over a telephone.

How many listeners do you have? The number of listeners varies based on the day and time you choose and other variables, which can be discussed with you. It is important to keep in mind that reaching listeners who tune into the show directly is only one of many ways to make your show a success. If you're in a competitive field, imagine the advantage you could have by telling potential clients you have a radio show. So it's important to make mention of your radio show everywhere, including all advertising and marketing materials, at any live events, on your website and social media. Also consider putting some of your shows on your website to download or making CD copies and mailing, or handing them out to potential clients.

How is the show promoted? We use a combination of ways, including radio, billboards, print, and internet marketing to drive listeners to the station and your show.

When does the show start? Your pilot run will start in the next 2-4 weeks. We train you to be ready by then.

Can I sell Guest Spots on the show? Yes, it is a good idea to bring in some extra revenue to the show. You would have discretion on what contacts or business' to sell those guest spots to.

Can I have Sponsors for my show? Yes, many KFNX shows have sponsors who support their show in many ways (financially, promotions, etc.). You can also barter advertising on your show for goods and services.

Will you assist in acquiring Sponsors? KFNX can assist in getting Sponsors for a show. KFNX can provide a Sponsor letter and template for the Host to add their bio and show summary. This can then be sent to interested parties. Typically sponsors to a show are business contacts of the Host. KFNX can then follow up with potential Sponsors, answer questions, provide info and ultimately negotiate the contract and process the sale including scheduling, production, invoicing and collections.

What benefits come with the Sponsorship Package? The Sponsor business will receive a KFNX website listing with a link to their website, mentions, personal endorsements, and commercials on the show (including bonus runs throughout the week at no extra charge depending on time available), and mentions in the weekly promotion of the show. Depending on the Sponsorship Package, you may provide a guest appearance on the show and give them a copy of it.

Who produces the Sponsor commercial? The KFNX production staff can write (or assist and edit a current script), voice, and produce the entire commercial, including music and effects from beginning to end. If a Sponsor wants KFNX to create the ad, we will ask questions and need some guidance for the script. KFNX can air any pre-produced spot also as long as it is the agreed upon length. KFNX staff can also edit down a current spot if needed.

What is the cost to produce the Sponsor commercial? Depending on the Sponsorship Package, KFNX usually includes the cost to produce the finished commercial.  

What other benefits come with Hosting a Show? You will receive a website listing for the show with a link to your website. You receive an MP3 copy of every show. You own the rights to your show so you can archive it on your website (and make available for downloading or podcasting) and re-air your show elsewhere. You can also post the show on your social media.

What are the financial arrangements of the show? Each Host makes an investment to cover their share of the production costs involved with producing their show. These costs vary by the time of the show. We provide the support staff and training and support materials. There is a simple Host Contract (2 pages) with specifics that guarantees the show terms. This is one of the most cost effective and direct ways to get your message out and promote your business at the same time, especially compared to other traditional advertising (billboards, magazines, newspaper, etc.). Contact the sales department for more info, details and proposals.






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