How to Create Your Next Webinar

A webinar is nothing more than an online presentation in a modern and easy to use format. Instead of people needing to go to an event, and the presenter having to rent an exhibit hall, attendees can just enjoy the presentation right from their office desk. No one needs to drive anywhere.

All presentations follow a simple format, and the following tips will help you to create an outline for your webinar so it is organized and achieves your goals.

The goal of most webinars is to be informational. Even if the webinar is looking to create sales, it still should be should be informational as well. Hence content is going to be key and the ultimate driver of the success of your webinar.

An example of an informational webinar may be to teach clients how to use your product better. This helps to create customer (and brand) loyalty. Customers who are really into a product (think Apple) want to know how to use it better and feel more connected with the company.

A good rule for the topic content for the webinar is to think in terms of the common questions you get from customers. FAQ (frequently asked questions) type of information helps current and potential future customers as they understand better what your service can do for them.

If the webinar is being used to gain investors to your company, they would still need to know how your customers benefit and use your service. The investors also need to learn how the company will grow and the timeframe to recoup the money they put in.

The sales webinar will typically have one goal - to either make a sale at the end of the webinar - or create a warm lead to follow up post webinar for an appointment. Attendees will still want information in the webinar to learn as much as they can about your product or service to make an educated buying decision.

Here are some things to think about to layout the outline. What are you looking for the webinar to accomplish? What is the main topic, and then secondary discussion topics? Who will be the presenter?


Here is the Outline -

Introduction and Summary of the webinar (including how long it will be)

Speaker Bio (and possibly the Bio of the Company)

Content and Slideshow - Discuss your Product / Service and the Benefits

Wrap Up / Sales Pitch

Contact Information to reach you post-webinar

Q & A


You will want a slide show (can be a Slide Deck or a PowerPoint) to go with you webinar to give attendees visual references to help explain your points and enhance your content. Your slides should be easy to read and the font should be big (24 - 30) and pictures are a plus.

Webinars should be entertaining like any other presentation. Again, it does not matter if the webinar is seeking to present information to create a more informed customer (or looking to make a sale at the end of the presentation), you cannot bore someone into liking your product or company.

It is not recommended to have more than two speakers on a webinar as it can get confusing who is talking. You also need to be organized and stick to your points. If you match your content with your slides, you can have a good visual to really make that key point.

Regarding the webinar length, 30 - 60 minutes is an average length. You probably want to keep it at an hour max with the main content done in 40 - 45 minutes. The final 15 minutes can be Q & A if people need to drop off and be somewhere else. Many webinars run throughout the day from 8 am to 5 pm, or later and viewers will only give you so much of their time. Plus it is difficult to keep people's attention much past 45 minutes.

Attendees need a clear call-to-action in the wrap up if you expect people to either buy or contact you after the webinar. Remember also to give out your contact information so people can follow up afterwards and get the webinar slides if you wish to provide them.

Good luck marketing.


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