Sales is the lifeblood of any business. No sales, no business. Your business is as successful as its sales. From goal setting, to marketing and lead generation, to lead nurture, to closing, to customer service and retention, there’s a lot to do to make sales. So how do you increase your sales?


Set your sales goals. Write them down. If you don’t write them down, you’re not going to achieve them. Are they realistic, achievable, optimistic? Determine your average sale, number of sales you need, number of leads you need and closing ratio. Keep records.


Use good marketing and lead generation. Though bad marketing is better than no marketing. No marketing isn’t going to generate anything! The more and better leads, the more and better sales. Sales is a numbers game. You need quantity and quality. You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Define the buyer persona of your customer. Target your message to your customer. Use the marketing channels your customer uses to distribute your message to them. Use traditional advertising on TV, radio, print and outdoor. Use digital advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and YouTube. Use the same Social Media networks. Use email marketing. Network. Optimize your website for SEO. Telemarket and cold call. Publish blogs, videos, newsletters, ezines, ebooks, whitepapers, articles, news and photos. Use landing pages to capture emails for your email database.


Nurture your leads. Use lead nurture software such as Infusionsoft .  Schedule periodic emails to stay in touch with them.  Customize messages for them based on where they’re at in the sales cycle. Determine your prospects wants and needs. Provide the info they need when they need it. Customize solutions. Prepare proposals. Provide pricing. Outline your products and services. Establish value. Determine when should follow-up with them. Assess if they’re ready to buy.


Close the deal! Remember the ABC’s of sales. Always be closing! You’re either closing deals or preparing deals to close. If you don’t ask for the order, you won’t get it. Ask for the order! Send them a contract. Negotiate if necessary to close the deal. Drop the price or create more value. If you can’t close the deal the deal now, determine if they’re still a future prospect and when you can follow up with them.


Service the customer after the sale. Under promise and over deliver. Get feedback from the customer. Solve any problems immediately. Preferably, put the customer on an automatic renewal if possible so you don’t have to continually resell them. Let them have to cancel. If they cancel, determine why they’re cancelling. Solve their problems. Renegotiate the deal if necessary. Drop the price or create more value.


So now you know how to increase your sales. Hard work! Don’t give up! Perseverance in sales is key. Every no is an opportunity to either overcome their objections or move on to the next prospect. So are you doing everything you can to increase your sales? Why not? I wish you success in achieving your sales goals. Let me know how I can help to increase your sales.







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