I Tried Radio Advertising and It Didn’t Work

First, you need to target your prospective customer. Do you know the buyer persona of your prospective customer? What is the profile of your customer? Gender? Age? Income? Education? Location? Interests? Problems? Once you’ve defined your customer, you can target them through the radio station they listen to. What is the profile of the radio station’s listeners? What shows are they listening to? When are they listening? How long are they listening for? How many are listening? Once you’ve matched up your customer with the radio station’s listener, you need to get your message through to them.

The average person is bombarded with 3,500-5,000 messages a day! How are you going to cut through that clutter so they hear your message? Frequency and consistency! The average listener needs to hear an ad 3 times before they’ve really heard it. The good, no great news, is you have a captive audience who is only listening to the radio station at the time your ad airs. People are creatures of habit. They typically listen at certain times for certain lengths of time. For example a listener listens on their way to work to their favorite show every day from 7-7:30am. Depending on your budget and the station’s rates you could run 1 or more ads per day, every day at that time. It wouldn’t take long for the average listener to really hear your ad. If your budget allows and you want to reach more people, you would run more ads per day at different times to target different listeners. Once you’ve got your message through to them, have you conveyed the right message?

A good message has 5 key parts:

1 – Headline – an opening that grabs their attention.

2 –Core Message – a singular, core message that clearly conveys what you can do for them. What are the benefits of what you’re offering? What problems does it solve? How are you different or better than the competition? Do they want or need what you have to offer?

3 – Enticing Offer – an enticing offer that gives people a reason to respond. How enticing is the offer? How competitive is the offer?

4 – Urgent, Easy Call-To-Action – a reason why they need to respond now or as soon as possible. An easy way to get in touch with you; a memorable website, phone number , email or location.

5 – Emotion – a tone that appeals to their emotions; fear, pain, happiness, desire.

If you target the right customer at the right time with the right message, they will respond. If they want or need what you have to offer, they will respond. If you give them a reason to respond now, they will respond. If they hear your ad, they will respond. It’s that easy! Now go sell more of what you have to offer through the radio. And keep breathing.






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