If You Create Great Content, and No One Sees It, Did It Really Exist?

Marketing comes down to a few things. Content is a big part, but first you have to get people to even see your material. Many people think this starts with how you deliver your message. That is of course part of it, but who you deliver it too, can be even more important.


I will offer a simple analogy. You decided to take your family to the movies to see a comedy. Then when the movie started, you were suddenly watching an action movie. You would be confused, and wonder what was happening.


Now the quality of the action movie may be good (if you like action), and the delivery of a movie at a theatre also works. But this is not what you want. You would be the wrong audience for this content.


Yet this is what we do when we send our business marketing emails, or ads to the wrong prospects. If our content goes to the wrong type of audience, how will it resonate with the crowd?


Gary Halbert, a famous copywriter, when asked ‘What would he most want when marketing?’, once said, ‘The most important thing is a starving crowd.’

What he meant was, market to the right people, and you are on your way. He further explained that if you met a man crawling through the desert and you had a bottle of water to sell to him. That man would pay anything for it. Suddenly, things like price, or how you presented that water to him, would not be as important. 


Nicholas Kusmich, in his book ‘Give’ (on Facebook marketing) breaks marketing down into the 4 M’s - Message, Market, Magnet, Mechanism. Message is ‘what you say’, Market is ‘who you say it too’, Magnet is ‘how you offer your summary message to entice follow up’ – an example is a webinar, and Mechanism ‘is the vehicle you use to deliver the offer’ -  the example being FB ads.


Let’s see how Message and Market go together. You can either start with your product / service or with the potential customer. One must be defined first, because the other steps flow from there. Many marketers argue, find the customer first than create the product.


In this case, you decide to start with your product, and your product is a marketing service for doctors. A check question you can ask yourself is, ‘Do doctors need my product (marketing service)?’ You say ‘yes’, so now you need to create the customer profile, or avatar for your potential customer.


You established the first part already, doctors. Now what issues do they have with their business that they need a marketing service. They need patients, and do not have the time to prospect since they already are working with current patients.


Now it may be a good idea to work towards a certain type of doctor, a niche to have more targeted marketing. For this example you have chosen chiropractors. To see things from their point of view, you define what their patient is like, and help them with a plan to market to that type of patient.


A chiropractor’s ‘hungriest’ patient is in pain. So you help develop their marketing to target potential clients dealing with chronic pain that a chiropractor to help treat. You have taken the time to understand their business issues, and then work on the solutions to best help them.


It is never a bad idea to market with solutions ideas that your current clients (or avatar) need to solve their business problems. This will show you understand their plight, and the business connection is genuine. There is another great marketing phrase – ‘People do not want to buy a bed. They just want a good night’s sleep.’ 


Do you know who your perfect customer is? Look at your current customers, and start to design your customer from there. Think about your service and how it helps your customers. Then design your marketing message with the solution to your customer’s problems.


To go deeper, and help determine how to have better customers, use the 80/20 principal. The idea being, that 20% of your customers are providing you with 80% of your profits. Identify the 20% of your best clients, than do an 80/20 analysis on the 20% and really create a concentrated customer avatar of the best 20% of your current clients.

Then create your marketing message aimed at acquiring more of these types of customers. This is an advanced type of focus and usually requires one to specialize more in their business. It can be quite rewarding.


Once you have the right market to connect with plus the right message to deliver, you need the right Mechanism (and Magnet) to deliver it. That is a blog for another day. Good luck with your marketing.








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