Invest In Yourself

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffet


Invest in yourself, and it will pay dividends to you, your family, and where you work. Making improvements in life is a choice. You have to decide to change. You also have to know what you want, and what you are willing to pay (sacrifice) to get it.

You start by taking an accounting of your life, to see where you are. Then you think about where you would like to be. Then find areas to improve, and maybe even some things to eliminate from your life that you do not like.

Below is a list of ideas to help you work on yourself:


  • Health – Exercise, Eat Right, Sleep – get the basics down, as it affects everything else
  • Prioritize – have a plan, write it down, and refer to it to keep on track
  • Public Speaking course to improve your presentation skills
  • Listening Skills – become a good and attentive listener, and also learn to ask good questions
  • Get Educated, even if you have to go back to school at night
  • Organizations – join organizations, network groups, or volunteer, make new connections with like minded people
  • Universal Skills - Learn necessary skills (computers, business, finance)
  • Marketing Skills - if you own a small business, it is important to know some marketing
  • Financing – if you own a small business, work on getting finance contacts, it may be needed in tough times, or to expand a business, or for advice
  • Read books, and  industry articles, pay attention to your industry
  • Resume – review and update your resume yearly, add skills, organizations you are in, etc. - regardless of whether you are looking for a job (The average person changes jobs 10 – 12x in their life, and changes careers 4 – 5 x in their life.)
  • Driver U – use car time to learn, and listen to Books on cd / mp3 (Note: The average person drives 15k / miles a year and spends 4 years of their life in a car.)
  • Social Skills - Learn about other people, build new and deeper relationships in business, and life
  • Nurture Support System at home, and with friends to help the people you care about
  • Organize your business and personal contacts, and note important events
  • Create more connections, and keep a rolodex of contacts to stay in touch (Use LinkedIn, CRM, personal email, etc. to keep organized)
  • Customer / Client profile – analyze what type of customer is a good fit for your service, to improve your prospecting
  • Backup Plans - We all know that life has ups and downs, so you must prepare during the quiet times.
  • Find Mentors / Coaches – Learn from contacts who have are more experienced and seen it already. It is better if these are personal contacts, if not than through youtube and books. Learn and study what they know, both their success and their failure. It is helpful to learn from other people’s failure if possible.
  • Assistants – hire an assistant (even a part time virtual assistant) to help with the standard tasks, so you concentrate on the important stuff



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Good luck, and thanks for reading.


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