The pronouncement of radio’s death is premature. Radio isn’t dead. It’s very much alive. Radio is ubiquitous. Radio is everywhere. It’s with us all of the time. Radio is in the car, at home, at work, on our computer and everywhere else we go on our smartphones. Not only does radio broadcast over the airwaves, radio streams through the internet and is available on many station’s own websites and apps or other radio station app consolidators. Tune-In Radio is the biggest radio station app with over 100,000 stations worldwide on it. You can tune into almost any station in the world on Tune-In Radio. Another big radio app is iHeart Radio that includes all iHeart radio stations nationally and many other stations. Many radio shows have their own app.  Also, many radio stations and radio shows offer podcasts of their programs through their websites or apps where listeners can listen any time on demand. The NextRadio app lets you tune into every local FM station by using your smartphone’s built-in FM chip. Since you are listening via the FM airwaves, as you do traditional radio in the car, the only data that is being consumed is when the listener is actually engaging in the visual elements of the station. NextRadio uses 92% less data and saves 75% of the smartphones battery life. Radio is one of the most cost effective and productive advertising mediums. Here’s why.


Radio is the number one reach medium today. Radio reaches more people than any other medium, including television. 243 million people tune into the radio each week in the US. 93% of US adults tune into the radio each week. Radio has more listeners today than it’s had in its over 100 year history. And radio has the second highest time spent with it second only to television. The average listener listens over 2.75 hours each day. Radio remains the top in-car device for entertainment with 86% of drivers citing AM/FM Radio as their primary in-car entertainment device.


Radio has one the highest ROIs of any medium. Radio reaches more people per dollar than almost any other medium. Radio returns $6 for every $1 spent. That’s second only to email marketing. Radio’s cost per thousand is second only to outdoor advertising. Radio provides information as it reaches consumers closest to their time of purchase as they drive to or from home or work, or even during a lunch break. When used synergistically with other media, it increases brand awareness, brand recall, and an advertiser's overall ROI. In various studies, it has also proven to increase website visitation and purchase likelihood.


Radio's core strength continues to be the power of words and sound. Print and outdoor advertising doesn’t have that. With its human voice to convince, radio can be used as a branding and direct response medium. Radio listening is a one-on-one and emotions-driven experience. Listeners believe that both the medium and its advertising are more relevant to them as compared to television and print. Consumers see television and print as being designed to satisfy the masses, but radio is where they turn to get gratification of their personal wants and needs. Consumers believe that their radio programs carry ads which are appropriate for them as individuals, and listeners are therefore more ready to react at an emotional level if the advertisement is well suited for that program’s context. The ability of radio advertising to make personal, emotions-driven connections with listeners helps explain why radio can be so effective when the advertising is done well and placed appropriately. Additionally, advertisers use host endorsements to build trust and drive business with hosts often providing personal experiences with the brand, on-air mentions and authentic chatter within their shows.


Now you know why radio’s death has been greatly exaggerated. Radio is more powerful than it’s ever been. Are you using radio to grow your business? Why not? Radio can be the most productive part of your marketing and media mix. Let me know how I can help show you the power of radio.


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