Keystone pipeline fails .. again .. thanks to Obama

By Neal Boortz Yesterday was an ugly day in politics, and the collateral damage was the American people. No damage to the American great is too much when it comes to saving Barack Obama’s reelection chances. The Senate has been grappling with a transportation bill for a while. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven came up with a nifty idea to attach an amendment to the bill. The amendment would have removed the White House from the Keystone approval equation entirely. This would allow for construction on the pipeline to start immediately. The vote to allow the amendment was yesterday. Some Democrats were starting to teeter, considering voting with the Republicans. Now remember … in the weeks after Obama stopped the Keystone pipeline dead in its tracks we had many Democrats and Democrat pundits say that this was actually the Republicans fault. They told us that you couldn’t blame Obama for this … the Republicans were the real culprit. So here we are with a Republican Senator offering an amendment to a transportation bill that would get the pipeline – and up to 20,000 private sector jobs – under way. Uh oh. Not so fast. We had two entites who wanted to make sure that this did NOT pass … that the Keystone pipeline stayed dead. One entity was, of course, the eco-radicals who’s true goal in all of this is to cripple capitalism. The other? None other than Barack Obama. In the 24 hours leading up to the vote, environmentalists and proggies flooded the Capitol with over 800,000 messages against Hoeven’s amendment. Then, Barack Obama himself apparently whipped out the telephone and called Senate Democrats, urging them to vote against the amendment. Obama, alongside radical environmentalists and progressives, lobbied Congress to kill the amendment. And they won. The Senate rejected the measure by a vote of 56-42, failing to obtain the 60 votes needed to pass. Well … so much for this argument that it was the Republicans who really killed the Keystone pipeline. Just why are the environmentalist so against Keystone? To understand this you just have to understand that most of the more vocal and radical environmentalists aren’t environmentalists at all. They’re anti-capitalist activist who glommed on to the environmental movement after the collapse of communism. They needed a platform from which to promote their anti-capitalist agenda; and environmentalism certainly made a better home base than the Kremlin. Oh! So you think I’m full of ProgSqueeze on this environmentalist/anti-capitalist thing.? Let’s just look at two of the co-founders of Greenpeace, Paul Watson and Patrick Moore. Patrick Moore first. He left Greenpeace, the group he helped found in 1971, in the late 1980’s. Here’s an excerpt from an article from the CBS Interactive Business Network Resource Library written by John Elvin in 1997 about Moore: He (Patrick Moore) says the fall of communism brought an influx of anti-corporate extremism to the environmental movement because, "suddenly, the international peace movement had a lot less to do. Pro-Soviet groups in the West were discredited. Many of their members moved into the environmental movement, bringing with them their eco-Marxism and pro-Sandinista sentiments. "A lot of those in the peace movement were anti-American and, to an extent, pro-Soviet. By virtue of their anti-Americanism, they tended to sometimes favor the communist approach. A lot of those people, a lot of those social activists, moved into the environmental movement once the peace movement was no longer relevant." Social activists, he suggests, "are now using the rhetoric of environmentalism to promote other collectivist agendas, such as class struggle -- which I personally believe is a legitimate area, but I don't believe it's legitimate to mix it up with environmentalism." Wake up, folks! The environmental movement is not what it seems. It has been hijacked. True environmentalists out there need to purge their organizations of these anti-capitalist hacks so that they can be taken seriously again. Why do they oppose Keystone? Because Keystone would bring oil – oil is the blood of capitalism. Cut off the blood supply and you kill the capitalist. Now .. Barack Obama? First, at his core he is anti-capitalist. He was raised to believe that capitalism is evil and results only in the few oppressing the many. Obama believes in a command economy .. an economy where consumer action is directed by politicians and bureaucrats in Washington rather than the wants and desires of the consumers themselves. The Obama economy is a government-knows-best economy. Obama has no desire whatsoever for America to become oil independent. He will fight any move that would take us there.






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