KFNX Blog: How to Get in Front of Your Next Big Customer

It’s not just about who you know, but how you get to know them.

Most business owners know it can be difficult to meet top line potential clients. It usually needs to be in the right setting. Think of where you were you when you met some of your best clients. It may have been a business dinner event, a networking event, or a referral

Your business relationships that grow to be solid and long standing start with meeting the right people. Then it must be fostered in the proper setting. If you do not have the opportunity to connect and build rapport with that potential big client, the rest of the process is bumpy.

            So, business owners need a good way to meet those ‘A’ list clients, and they also need a forum to have a good discussion to start the relationship correctly. You want to be on equal footing to shine thru as an advisor.

Now, what if you had a way to invite a potential client to an event that was exciting, unique and helpful to their business. It would be difficult for your next big client to turn that offer down.

Hosting a radio show gives you the opportunity to do just that. The show provides the ultimate opening line to start a discussion and then make that unique offer to invite a potential client on your radio show as a guest.

It certainly will be different then most offers they receive. Besides the obvious fact that it will be fun, you can give them a copy of their appearance. Now they walk with away from a great experience with material and promotion they can use in their business.

            At 1100 KFNX we have many weekly shows hosted by local business owners who do just that. One of our weekend KFNX hosts is a tech consultant. He uses his radio show to connect with the top producers and distributors of equipment. This gives him an edge in his industry.

The show is also quite educational, so he shares it via his website and social media with his clients. Every year his radio show allows him to go to trade shows at no cost. He covers the expo, gets great access and interviews the producers of the event.

With a simple call (or email) to make the invite, you have gained a valuable contact, to build a relationship. Plus, it is the proper setting to position you as a good contact to do business with.

Many hosts (and their guests) tell us it is the one of the finest moments of their week. You can imagine how their guests feel when they get that invite. Besides being flattered with the invite, now they have something to look forward too.

If you hosted a weekly one hour radio show, you would have 2 opportunities a week to invite this type of quality future clients.  Now they become your guests and you establish the right tone in the beginning.

            Client acquisition can be costly and time consuming. You need a proven way to connect with the best possible potential clients on a regular basis. There are hosts at 1100 KFNX who use their radio show as a cornerstone to network their business weekly.

If you really study your rolodex, you will see what those top clients are worth. Or how many introductions you got from that one connected strategic partner. It could not hurt to have a  consistent way to get in front of those valuable contacts and have their total attention.

What is the value of building a relationship with one or more key potential clients every week? Is it hundreds, thousands? If that radio guest appearance leads to business for years to come, then how much more has the value increased?

I am sure like many business owners you spend energy and hard earned dollars weekly, and monthly to build your business to attract the right clients. Your own radio show is a way to speed up the process.  What is your time worth?

            If you would like to learn more and hear other ways to benefit from hosting your own radio show, contact Francis Battaglia, President at 1100 KFNX. You can click on this link and request more information. There is plenty more to read in the FAQ's / Opps tab  (FAQ’s, blogs and videos)  section at the 1100 KFNX website.

            Thanks for reading and good luck marketing.










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