Marketing as a System

The business that considers itself immune to the necessity for advertising sooner or later finds itself immune to business.

– Derby Brown, author


It does not matter what great company you mention, chances are they market constantly, and they have a system with a consistent message. McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike all understand how their business operates and what they need to project to their customers.

There is a good business book written by Michael Gerber called the E-Myth which breaks down well, the idea that you have to have systems to operate a business. There are things you must understand to succeed over the long term. Marketing is one area where all business' must have a plan.

There two things you must know before you can create your marketing material and message. What business are you in? Who is your typical customer or client?

it is important to understand what business are you in. many companies confuse their products for their business. The business you are really in is the benefit your customers get form your product or service.

One of the best examples is Starbucks. They are in the customer service business, not the coffee business. Their service (and setup of their locations) is what sets them apart from their competition.  I had written a previous blog, which you can click here if you want more info.

Once you have established that, then figure out who fits the profile of your customer? What needs do they have, or what problem can your company help them solve? This is critical, because for your marketing to connect, potential clients must feel your message is for them.

You have to understand the questions your customers have, and how they will use your products. Then you create marketing that answers these questions up front to that help connect your customers with your service from the beginning.

If you are accountant, then this month is crucial for clients as they need to file their taxes. Your advertising would stress that you file taxes obviously, but it would also cover the real business you are. Accountants are in the stress relief business. People usually feel pressure at tax time and getting help to get their taxes filed and over with is relief. 

You can use this knowledge to craft your message and educate your client on your service and HOW to use it to help them. A common marketing device is an FAQ type of document or pdf that answers your customer's questions before you even speak with them.

It is important to understand the buyer's journey. How your clients purchase your product / service and the timeline they are on. If someone wants a candy bar, the buyer's journey may be five minutes, but if they are buying a new house, it could take a year and many people could be consulted.

After you have your message down, you must set up a consistent system that will get your message out. Figure out the marketing budget carefully so you are always promoting. Decide what media to get out your message, radio, TV, print, or the internet. Today it is crucial to have a social media platform that markets your service. This also needs to be consistent, so weekly or monthly post. using different platforms is not a bad idea either (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).

Finally a reminder to keep your message consistent from your website to your social media, to networking, to all of the company marketing. Marketing is done by your whole company, so your staff needs to understand this also. Good luck.






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