KFNX Blog: 8 Steps to Making a Webinar

 The best way to describe a webinar is it is nothing more than a presentation in online video form. Written below are some very basic steps to create a good webinar.


1, Establish an Actionable Topic

Find out what your customers and potential customers want to learn, then deliver beyond their expectations. Speak with your customer support team or, better yet, your customers.

 You want to keep the topic tied to your product. That way, when inspired attendees leave your webinar to carry out the advice they were given, your solution is the first one they’ll think of.

2, Find Expert Guests

As stated in some of our previous radio blogs, the key to a great webinar is using experts in the field of your topic. Regardless of the topic an expert in that field will add to the credibility of the overall work.

3, Build a Marketing Copy

Take the time to carefully build the marketing copy for your webinar. The webinar title should answer the question that’s on your customers mind, and then offer the hope of a solution. The more actionable the better, something like, “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make on Social Media and How to Fix Them”. Did that grab your attention? Well that’s the idea


4, Build Landing Page to Host Webinar

When I say build a landing page I really mean hire a pro to build it for you. However you should work closely with them on the design and function of this page.

Use the 5 elements of a high-converting landing page:

  • Unique Selling Proposition – Your actionable webinar title
  • Hero Shot – Your expert guest and bio
  • Benefits – What will people learn from the webinar
  • Social Proof – Testimonials about the guest or your previous webinars
  • Call-to-Action – Your registration form and button


5, Build “Offering” Landing Page:

Using the same 5 elements you used above for your “register for the webinar” landing page, build another landing page, but this time, rather than promoting a webinar, you’re promoting your business.

New business is after all what we’re all looking for. This page will be used strategically throughout your webinar campaign


6, The Invite Email

Email is the single most effective way to drive interest in your webinar. Your webinar invite email will have 3 points at which a conversion is made:

  • The subject line needs to be concise and attention-grabbing enough to have someone open the email.
  • The body copy should be concise and deliver the benefits of attending the webinar.
  • The Call-to-Action (CTA) linking to your registration landing page should be easy to see and front-and-center. The text should describe what they’ll get when they click the button


 7, The Last Chance Email

Don’t underestimate the power of urgency.

Only send the “last chance” email to those who never opened the invite email. Make it clear that this really is their last chance to learn about all the amazing stuff you’ll be teaching them.


8, Host Your Webinar

These are the four rolls you will need to fill in order to have a well rounded and successful webinar.

The Host is focused on engaging the audience and guest, interjecting at opportune moments to ask thoughtful questions and keep momentum up from start to finish.

The Industry Expert Guest is presenting their heart out.

The Sidekick answers attendee questions that come in via the chat box and gathers good questions for the presenter to ask.

The Manager  keeps a bird’s eye view, by keeping an eye on audience attentiveness (a real-time meter in GoToWebinar which can give tons of insight into what’s working and what’s not), an eye on Twitter and the GTW question box in case any red flags are raised, and an ear on the audio quality and pace. If anything looks amiss, The Manager finds a way to fix it and/or passes info along to the presenters or sidekick.


Though it is not really part of the webinar, I would suggest you send a follow up Email to all those who attended. Good Luck and I hope you take the time to watch our future Webinar.








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