Twitter is the third largest social media network with 982 million registered users and 241 million monthly active users, 52.7 million in the U.S. 135,000 new people sign up daily. 500 million tweets are sent daily, 5,700 every second. So how do you make the most of Twitter for your business?


First create a personal profile. Upload your picture and your company logo as your cover photo. Create a user name using a combination of your name and business name. Add your email. Add your position and company name to your description. Add your location. Add a link to your website. Choose your theme color.


Create a business profile. Upload your company logo as your photo and cover photo. Create a user name using your business name. Add your email. Add a description of your company. Add your location. Add a link to your website. Choose your theme color.


Search for people and businesses to follow. Follow people or businesses you would like to connect with. Since there is a limit on the number of people you can follow, follow people that will hopefully follow you back. The more followers you have, the more people you can follow. You can also search your address books in gmail, aol, outlook and yahoo to follow your contacts. Follow all of your contacts and invite all of them to follow you. You can also search popular accounts by interesting topics to follow.


Send out tweets daily, preferably multiple daily. You have up to 140 characters. Send out your blogs, videos, photos, newsletters, e-zines, ebooks, whitepapers, resources/articles and news with a link back to your website to drive traffic to your site. Title your tweets and add a description. Use keywords and hashtags. Hashtag your business and other popular hashtags. Search hashtags. You can also mention people in your tweets. Retweet and favorite tweets of people you’re following. Send direct messages to your followers. Check your direct messages.


Monitor your Twitter timeline, trends and hashtags. Reply to tweets. Check your activity and notifications. See who followed you. Follow them back. See who retweeted and favorited your tweets. Favorite and retweet their tweets. See who mentioned you in their tweets. Mention them in your tweets. You can also embed tweets on your website. Create lists. Lists are curated groups of Twitter users.  Name your list, enter a short description and select public for anyone to join. Add people to your lists. Check what lists you’re a member of. Subscribe to other’s lists.


Include a Twitter icon on your website home page with a link to you business Twitter. Also put your business Twitter timeline on your website homepage.  Include your Twitter addresses with links in your emails. Include your Twitter addresses on your business cards and any other marketing materials.


Now you know how to maximize Twitter for your business. Are you on Twitter and maximizing it for business? I hope so if you want to make the most of your business. I look forward to following you on Twitter. And remember to follow me.


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