KFNX Blog:Tips and Elements of a Blog

Business has changed, and blogging has become very common place, especially for the small business owner. I am going to give you several quick tips to help with blogging.

I learned this material from blogging myself, and from other friends and business associates who gave me tips and critique. Now this may all seem obvious, or too simple but these are some good reference notes.

Before we start, a General Note: Always invest in yourself by working to improve yourself and your business weekly, if not daily. The internet is filled with numerous free articles, videos, and websites to read daily and learn some amazing tips and insights to improve regularly.


Blogging Tips:

Write smooth and brief paragraphs, maybe two sentences so the blogs reads easy and flows

Always keep it simple, somewhat short (maybe a page of writing) and have a point

Your headlines should be catchy, helpful and fun, but not tricky

Know what you are writing and know your audience (who is reading your blog)

It is important to be consistent and blog regularly (1x a week, to 4x a month)

Using a list is a simple way to blog, like a Top 10 ('Top 10 Mistakes Small Business Owners make')

Good educational blog topics are always answers to common questions clients may have had about your business or industry

More blog topic examples are: questions potential clients should be asking to people in your industry or what to look for or help resources when researching, etc.

You can write reviews and comments about interesting business or life articles you read recently and want to share (also have the web link to the article)

Be generous and give away your knowledge to help others who may have the same business issues as you

Write material that can be timeless and helpful a year from now, so people can even reread your blog months from now






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