KFNX Video: All Business is Local

You have heard the phrase 'all politics is local' and people only care about what affects them.

I would argue you can make the same claim for business. In a world of fast paced and new technologies, and Globalization it may seem like local business does not matter anymore, but that would be ignoring so much including the restaurant you ate at lunch today.

You may buy your books on Amazon or a kindle, or shop online for party invitations. Your customer service rep for Verizon you spoke with yesterday may even have been in India, but let me ask you this?

Where is your Dentist located? Is your dry cleaner in Hong Kong?

No matter how fast the world moves, there will always be a need for local business.

As much as we all enjoy the new technologies and possibilities, deep down we crave human contact. Who we spend our time with and do business with up close usually shapes us.

Relationships still trump almost everything else when it comes to doing business.

There will always be aspects where you will prefer a personal touch. I believe it is better to know and see your accountant. Especially since he or she is handling a pretty important task for you each year.

You can read WebMD all day long, but when something serious comes up you go to your local doctor. I can guarantee you can't go to the ER online.

With so much content in the media talking about the world, global conflicts and business moving offshore, opportunities to do business and socialize right around the corner can get lost.

Now there is nothing wrong with Skype, Gotomeeting or Facetime. In fact I would argue that was just the natural evolution for people to have technology that provided a more personal touch than a traditional phone call. Now you can see who you are chatting with and feel more connected.

I am not sure if all of the social media or email can replace the personal touch. In fact with texting, etc. being so popular now, a personal phone call may help you stand out more.

So please remember to add a personal touch to all of the local business' you contact and ultimately have as clients. Those future clients will be some of your best and also give you a personal thank you with a referral to another business they know.

Good luck and happy marketing.








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