Lou Dobbs, Monday - Friday 1 - 3pm

We have a President who talks about being a victim and paints the future in bleak terms. Obama's plan to revive the housing market is beyond comprehension and is the kind of mindless reasoning that caused the housing market to implode in first place! Can't wait to hear the kind of genius that is being applied to student loans!

And while the withdrawal of troops from Iraq is a great thing, the threat of Iran is looming.

CONGRESSMAN TED POE (R-2nd TX), talks about President Obama's call of "We can't wait forever," why his jobs bill won't be passed, the state of the economy, immigration, and a new bill he is proposing today called the Deport Convicted Foreign Criminals Act.

CHRIS STIREWALT, Digital Politics Editor for Fox News, discusses President Obama's upcoming housing plan and his campaign on more spending.

JOE HICKS, member of Project 21 and Vice President of Community Advocates, joins the show to discuss a Supreme Court brief on college entrance requirements for colleges brought by Project 21 that states applicants to schools should be let in based on grades, not skin color.

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