Lou Dobbs, Monday - Friday 1 - 3pm

This is a heck of a campaign message: The U.S. has lost its ambition and imagination. This is from our President! Since taking office this man hasn't had one original idea and he has the gall to complain about others?

Joining the program will be DIANA DIAZ, Field Operations Supervisor with the Border Patrol, to talk about the absurd arrest of her husband, border patrol agent Jesus Diaz Jr, for arresting a drug smuggler coming across the border and allegedly improperly lifting the arms of the 15-year old while handcuffed.

DR. ANDREW GILLEN, Research Director for the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, explains why President Obama's efforts to reduce the burden of student loans isn't the answer.

And MIGUEL PEREZ, professor of Journalism, Communication & Theatre at Lehman College and award-winning journalist for Creators.com, discusses the Obama administration's efforts to take down Alabama's immigration law and the Democrats renewed efforts on putting together an immigration reform bill.

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