Lou Dobbs, Monday - Friday 5 - 7pm

Herman Cain surprised everyone with a big win this past weekend in the Florida straw poll. What does this mean for the rest of the GOP field? Gallup Poll numbers are showing a whopping 49% of those surveyed believe government is an imminent threat to our rights and freedoms. Gallup also showed President Obama rates the same or worse as former President Bush. Reports are now showing FEMA might have plenty of money on hand, does that mean a government shutdown will be avoided?

Joining the program will be KRIS KOBACH, Secretary of State for Kansas, to weigh in on the decision by the Rhode Island Board of Governors to allow in-state tuition to state colleges for the children of illegal immigrants, and if the process to do this was legal or not. We will also discuss the decision by the Obama Administration to let Obamacare go to the Supreme Court.

BYRON YORK, Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, stops by to discuss what the victory in Florida means for candidate Herman Cain, how much damage is being done to Perry's campaign after abysmal showings in Florida and Michigan polls, if Romney can capitalize, or if voters are still leery about the GOP field.

And JOHN FUND, Senior Editor for the American Spectator and Fox News Contributor, offers his thoughts on the current GOP field, why Perry continues to falter in debates and poll numbers, can Romney capitalize, what Herman Cain's victory in the Florida poll means, and who has the best chance to beat President Obama.







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