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Just 41% of Americans would like to re-elect President Obama, with 51% saying the country needs a new leader. Meanwhile, it was revealed that more than 100 guns from Fast and Furious have been found at the home of a Sinaloa cartel enforcer. No wonder the House Oversight and Reform Committee plans to subpoena Attorney General Eric Holder.

And the Occupy Wall Street Protests continue, with reports that the protests are also host to fugitives, drug addicts, and people looking to take advantage of the free food. An ad has even surfaced on Craigslist with the liberal Working Families Party offering to pay potential protestors. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will allow the protests to go on indefinitely.

JUAN WILLIAMS, journalist and Fox News analyst, discusses race and politics, and Herman Cain's comments about blacks being brainwashed by the Democratic Party, how race isn't as much of an issue today, and how some Democratic black leaders have come out against him.

TIM CARNEY, Senior Political Columnist for Washington Examiner, discusses the relationship between Washington and lobbyists.

and DR. WALID PHARES, Fox News Middle East expert, Professor at National Defense University, advises the Congress on Middle East Affairs and author of several books including The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East, discusses the Arab Spring and the anti-Christian wars in Egypt right now.

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