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Today on Lou Dobbs: Obamacare will get its day in court-literally. Obama's signature piece of legislation will now be reviewed by the Supreme Court to determine if it is unconstitutional to require Americans to purchase health care.

Even with the now public support from his wife Gloria, Herman Cain has seen his lead slip and Newt Gingrich is taking his place. Gingrich is now leading in some polls and could become a legitimate contender to Mitt Romney.

District Judge Leslie Dutchcot who allowed former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky we come to find out was a volunteer for the Second Mile charity group Sandusky worked for. Now the President of this charity, Dr. Jack Raykovitz has stepped down.

CONGRESSMAN TED POE (R-2nd TX), discusses Attorney General Eric Holder's testimony recently about Operation Fast and Furious and his new weapons proposal for the border.

SENATOR JIM DEMINT (R-SC), talks about the latest news surrounding Boeing and the emails discovered that shows the National Labor Relations Board Staff mocking him, the U.S. and Congress. He'll also explain why he was the lone "no" vote on a Veteran's jobs bill.

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