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The GOP has sent a letter to President Obama stating Attorney General Holder should resign because of Operation Fast and Furious. Some are saying that if Obama doesn't demand Holder step down, he will be just as guilty of the failed program as Holder himself.

Mike McQuery says he reported former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to police, the Grand Jury report says different. What really happened is anyone's guess at this point.

CONGRESSMAN PETER KING (R-3rd NY), talks about the ongoing efforts of the Occupy Wall Street movement, their trek through New York City today, Mayor Bloomberg's decision to get rid of their tents and set ups, and why he believes these are "losers" who "live in dirt."

PETER SCHWEIZER, William J. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institution, talks about his new book Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, And Cronyism That Would Send the Rest Of Us To Prison, and also 60 Mins report about corruption in Washington revolving around Nancy Pelosi.

CONGRESSMAN RAUL LABRADOR (R-1st ID), explains why he believes that if President Obama doesn't call for the resignation of Attorney General Holder over Operation Fast and Furious, that Obama himself would be just as much to blame for the failed operation as Holder.

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