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Today on Lou Dobbs: Another Hallmark moment took place at an Occupy event, this one in San Diego, where an individual asked for a moment of silence for Oscar Ramiro Ortega-the young man arrested for firing bullets at the White House!

More victims of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky are coming forward as this story continues to unfold. And in a surprising twist, Joe Paterno has been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer.

Newt Gingrich continues his ascension up the GOP ladder as he is leading all Republican challengers in Iowa and is making big waves early in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney meanwhile is not backing away from Romneycare.

STEVE FORBES, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, talks about what will happen if the Super Committee doesn't reach a budget agreement.

TOM BEVAN, Editor for Real Clear Politics, offers his exceptional insight on the GOP field, Newt's rise in Iowa and New Hampshire, if he can keep this going or will his past and ties to Freddie Mac stall his momentum, Romney's decision to not back off from Romneycare, why Republicans don't get behind him, Herman Cain's collapses on foreign policy questions, and Rick Perry's odd decisions to attack Nancy Pelosi and President Obama instead of the GOP candidates he has fallen way behind against.

CONGRESSMAN STEVE SCALISE (R-1st LA), talks about his questioning of Energy Secretary Steven Chu over the Solyndra crisis.

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