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Herman Cain just had a wrench thrown into his campaign: Sexual harassment charges from the 90's have surfaced. The problem is that Politico-who reported the story-offered no sources for this and won't answer any questions about this. This is looking very much like a hit piece.

For now though, Cain is still riding high-his numbers in Iowa look great and he is leading in Texas, the home of both Rick Perry and Ron Paul. And leave it to the left to say that Perry-Roger Simon of all people-to say that Perry being a racist helps him in the primary.

KRIS KOBACH, Secretary of State for Kansas, discusses the lawsuit being brought by the Justice Department against South Carolina for their immigration law.

CONGRESSMAN ALLEN WEST (R-22nd FL), joins the show to offer his thoughts about the removal of troops in Iraq by the end of the year, if this is sound military strategy, or if they are necessary to fend off continued terrorist efforts.

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