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Herman Cain has suspended his campaign but still hasn't ended it. The momentum is clearly gone so why continue?

Donald Trump is hosting a debate right before the Iowa Caucuses and Newt Gingrich joined him in New York looking for an endorsement. Congressman Ron Paul on the other hand, has no interest in participating in this and it has caused a back and forth between Paul and Trump.

We've suspected for awhile that there was a cover up in Operation Fast and Furious now thousands of emails prove this to be true. Internal email exchanges between the Justice Department and the ATF show a back and forth about how to handle the demands of Senator Chuck Grassley.

CONGRESSMAN TED POE (R-2nd TX), offers his thoughts on the email exchanges between the Justice Department and the ATF about how to handle the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, how poorly this makes both departments look, Attorney General Holder's upcoming testimony, and if it is time for his to step down as AG.

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