Marketing Checklist

I believe in the power of checklists to help organize your thoughts, and create an actionable plan.

I have written blogs the last 2 years giving business advice and marketing help. I have mentioned some of the marketing basics every business person should have in some of the previous posts. Below are tips all in one blog to help get you organized.

I know for some of you this will be very basic, since you have already done this. You can choose to use this blog as reference, and a reminder to update your material. I did put some advanced tips at the end.

Take the time to have these basic things set up on your website, and in your marketing, to help people learn about you and your service. This way, potential clients know you better, before they talk to you.


Basic -

Website - Build a company website with a company bio, contact us, and other relevant info

LinkedIn – set up a LinkedIn profile for yourself

Social Media - Connect any social media pertaining to your business to your website

Business Cards - List your website and LinkedIn (social media) on your business cards, and in the ‘contact us’ part of your website

Media Kit – summary info about your company, services, contact info (and maybe pricing) to hand out or email potential clients

Intro Video - Have a video that tells who you are, and how you help your clients professionally

FAQ – create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) website page

FAQ Video - create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video for the website page

Blogs – write a few blogs dealing with FAQ topics from your clients to put on your website

Post to social media – post your blogs and videos to social media pages (ex. – YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)

PDF FAQ / Intro documents – Create a PDF document to email to prospects educating people on your industry and how it can help them (* also can be posted on social media)

Email Marketing / CRM – create a keep an email list using a sales CRM of your clients, contacts and prospects to send them your material, and links to things you post

Tech Advisor – have an advisor regarding website marketing / social media, etc. or an employee in house who can handle what is needed to market your business online



Advanced –

Email Marketing Campaign – create a drip email marketing campaign to follow up with prospects and stay at the top their mind

Webinar / Podcast – create multi-media type content in webinars or podcasts explaining your service, always focus on how it help your clients solve their problems

Industry / Education Material - Post some blogs on industry topics and good FYI the general public should be aware of regarding your profession

Articles – repeat the process with articles you find in publications others have written (or videos)  that are helpful to educate people about your industry

Website Reference Section – link these articles to your website on a specific education page

Social Media - Post the education articles, your education blogs, etc. on your LinkedIn

Media / Social Media / Internet Ad campaigns – use traditional media (radio, print, etc.), or internet (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc.)  to run advertising at a reasonable rate to generate traffic to your website, social media, webinars, etc.

Landing Page – get a landing page website and put the website URL on your business cards and marketing material, when someone goes to the landing page, they can watch a video on your service, and maybe receive a free educational PDF

Website URL’s – have multiple website URLs, even if they are just to re-direct people back to your website, or landing page, these help in SEO search

SEO Search – have good search words for your industry in the title or description of blogs (or videos) you post


Good luck with your marketing


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