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Operation Merry Christmas

6th Annual Christmas Stockings to our deployed Marines and Sailors NEEDS YOUR ASSISTANCE!!! Donations are way down. Can you help? More information and how to donate. http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/

... to dilute the black vote

I happened to be listening to my friend Hannity yesterday when he put a caller named Renee on the air. You could tell just from the sound of Renee’s voice that he wasn’t there to exchange pleasantries with Sean. This man was mad … furious … and it only too ...http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/

Obama is no longer a God...

First he was “sort of a God.” Then he “stepped down” to become president of the United States. Now he is … superhuman? A reporter from Politico (yes Politico that published the story of Herman Cain’s alleged sexual harassment) tweeted, “Obama’s [blood pressure] is like 107 over 71, which is ...http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/


The re-emerging trend out of Democrats is to blame our current economic situation on the last decade. In other words: blame Bush. On his recent “jobs” tour, Obama told a crowd in Virginia, “These are problems that built up over a decade or more; they won’t be solved overnight.” Are ...http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/

Occupiers gone wild

We have lots of stories about Barry’s Kids that we can play with today. The first has to do with the GOP presidential candidates. Apparently the Occutards have made it their new goal to shut down the Iowa caucuses. Frank Cordaro of Des Moines explains that the plan is “people ...http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/

Thought you might like to know...

You, the American taxpayers, are spending $20 million dollars to send Elmo and the Sesame Street program to Pakistan. The program is supposed to teach Pakistanis religious tolerance. That $20 million represents the total federal tax payments of 2,000 American households. I’m sure they don’t mind. Daylight Savings Time ends ...http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/

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