Networking… it makes a difference! By guest writer, and 1100 KFNX Host Carol Blonder

What is the one thing that you can do to grow your business?  It’s Networking!  


The one thing that most people find the hardest thing to do is getting the word out about what they do.  Who knows more about your business then you?  


Talking about what you do is the most effective way to get the word out about it.

Networking is getting the word out about what you do to people, by talking and building relationships with them.


Most of us have a business that has something that can help people.  Find out how you can help them.  Educate people on what kind of business you have.  Don’t try to sell them.  


If you educate them, it comes off differently, and they will appreciate you much more. Become passionate about what you do, and it will exude from you! 


Having a hand out is very important.  Give them something they will be able to remember you by.  Not just your card, but something that has more information on your business that they can look at later.  


People are busy, and they are trying to connect with people too.  Make what you say quick, but powerful and leave them with a hand out.  


Exchange business cards. If they don’t have one, have something to write down their information.  Remember never leave without a lead!   


Happy Networking.


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