Preparing for a Talk, Radio Show or Life

The old adage is, success in life comes from being prepared, so you can take advantage of opportunities when they come.

A lot of what you will read in this post will seem like common sense, but it is never a bad thing to be reminded of the basics. They are the building blocks of everything.


1. Getting Organized

You are giving a talk at a conference, a meeting, or on a radio show so where do you start?

First you need a topic to discuss so you can create your talking points.

Then you make notes with more detail which leads to your outline.

After that, you should step away from your notes and just let it sit. You could be for an hour, or even a day. Then you return to your notes with a different perspective and see what you can add.  

It is important to rehearse and review your notes. Simply put, practice.

You are your best supporter and critic. Mentally prepare and visualize your talk and formulate how you might handle any issues that arise.


2. Giving the Presentation

Introduce yourself and give a summary of your talk topic.

Reminder again to know your material (practice), so to be careful not to read too much.

The audience will connect better with you if they feel you are speaking to them. This will create that personal touch.

The audience knows when you are reading too much. There is a difference between reading a quote or excerpt from an article and reading the whole speech.

Your mindset should be positive, so along with your preparation, will lead to confidence.

Dress the part, because it makes no difference if people can see you or not. You are aware of your appearance and the audience will hear it in your voice. Hokey but true, look good, feel good.

Posture also applies. Have good posture, because good posture equals you speak clearer. The audience will respect you more and you will sound more in command.

You want to monitor the audience for several cues on how you are doing, but also to check your voice, so that people can hear you.

It is ok to pause and recollect your thoughts. The audience will be forgiving if there is a mistake.


3. Wrap Up

As you close your speech, give a review or repeat the main points you made.

Remind the audience where can you be contacted for more info, or reference info to learn more about what was discussed.

It is fine to promote yourself, and your business.


Now, relax, enjoy yourself, organize your thoughts, follow your outline and give that talk.









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