Radio - Direct to Your Next Customer

I am sure the last time you saw promotion for the new android phone or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, it was blasted all over. There were radio commercials, online ads, TV and billboards. Why do you think this is?


It takes a good PR campaign to get that business message out. You do not need the budget of some of these companies, but you do need a good message. You combine that with selective advertising and you can really get your message out.  Radio has been the place to promote everything for 100 + years. 


Radio marketing combined with other forms, like the internet, newspaper, etc and your business exposure takes off.  It is not uncommon for a business to combine a radio campaign with a mailing or online campaign all directing traffic to the same website. That website will usually have multiple mediums like videos that further explain the product (or message).


This way a 30 second commercial is leveraged to promote prospects to view a 10 minute video - which may even just be a teaser to come to a seminar or watch an hour long recorded webinar.  With today's modern technology and so many avenues to get someone's attention, it is not uncommon that a possible goal of a radio commercial is used as one more way to drive potential customers to a business website or social media.


Radio commercials are usually easier to create. It is not difficult to change a radio ad either when it calls for an update. This way your ad campaign can always sound fresh without an entire overhaul.


There are few mediums like radio where you can reach thousands of people for just pennies a person. Where else can you get such an audience for that value? TV, magazines, newspapers - none of these mediums are as cost effective as radio.  Add to that, a combined campaign on the internet and you have an easy way to create wide reaching promotional campaigns.


Radio is one of the most cost effective and direct methods to reach potential customers. Good marketing starts with a clear message, then you need the proper marketing campaign to put it out there. The benefit of radio ads is the already established audience.  When you need to promote something, go where the customers are already listening.


The radio audience is also one of the most informed and educated. Typically the average talk radio listener is a successful, college educated, homeowner. They have a family and that almighty discretionary dollar to spend, even on the more expensive items.


After the message is finalized, you have to commit to run your ads and stick with marketing plan for a set amount of time (maybe 3 to 6 months) to give a chance to succeed. Radio campaigns must have a frequent run rotation, because even the best ad will have no impact if it runs once.


Finally, it is common for a business to run two different radio ad campaigns at the same time; a classic marketing A-B split test to see what ad gets the best response. The ad that fails to produce gets shelved. 


Good luck and happy marketing.









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