Radio Interviews only $125 on Networking Arizona on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX!!!

TELL THOUSANDS OF LISTENERS ABOUT WHAT YOU DO! 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ONLY $125!!! NETWORKING ARIZONA, TUESDAY & FRIDAY 3-5 PM, THE LEAD IN FOR THE MICHAEL SAVAGE SHOW! GET HEARD BY THOUSANDS OF LISTENERS ON NETWORKING ARIZONA! 15 MINUTE SEGMENT ON THE RADIO FOR ONLY $125! IT'S FIVE YEARS NOW THAT CAROL BLONDER, HOST OF NETWORKING ARIZONA BROUGHT NETWORKING TO THE RADIO AND MAKES IT "CHEAP AND CHEERFUL" FOR YOU TO GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!!! IT'S PRIME TIME! DURING DRIVE TIME! SEGMENTS CAN BE BOOKED FOR A LATER DATE LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE SO DON'T WAIT! CALL NOW!!! Do a segment on Networking Arizona and you can also get 16 thirty second commercials!! All 16 for only $150!!! Or have the Host, Carol do the voice over for only $200 The ads are aired 4 times a day for 4 days straight during Networking Arizona! You also get a copy of the show! Use it for Marketing Purposes! Put it on your website! Call Carol Blonder 602-228-4629 Networking, It makes a difference!






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