The explosion of social media the last five years has gone way beyond just personal use. It has crossed over to the business world. Previously if you did not have a business website, people questioned your credibility. Eventually it became a necessity to have a website. Now your business needs a mobile presence, and that has extended further to social media. The days when a business owner could ignore social media as a ‘fad’ have past. It should be part of your company’s branding. The great thing is, social media is easy to use for branding.

1100 KFNX posts frequently to social media. For example, every Tuesday we post a weekly blog (like the one you are reading now) on the 1100 KFNX (.com) website (click here to see the current and previous blogs). Then we send out the blog teaser and link to read the full blog via our email database.

After that, the blog link is posted on the various KFNX social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn, or Twitter, and Google +. We do this for consistency, to help our clients with good business information, branding and promotion.

Every Thursday we also repeat this process with a weekly video, that gets posted to the 1100 KFNX  YouTube channel. 1100 KFNX even has multiple accounts for some of the usual social media platforms to further promote our brand.

There are numerous resources online, and business books to assist with social media. I did a Google search for ‘social media and business branding’ and came up with 6.4+ million search items in less than a second.  Here were 2 articles with good summary advice; 10 Social Media Branding Strategies Every Business Should Follow and The 4 Essentials to Building Your Brand on Social Media.

The first article had a few quick tips to help brand your business through social media:

Choose the right platforms in social media to create a profile to promote your business. We recommend you use some of the major ones mentioned already; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are other major sites that may be good for you, Pinterest, and Instagram are two good examples.

Think about what your business brand is currently, and match that to your social media. Then when you post something, it should be consistent with your business, and be professional. You want your content to be interesting and also helpful if possible.

We are in advertising and marketing, so the KFNX content usually has to do with either, radio, business, or marketing. We also are a small business, so many of the blog topics are educational to help other small business with common problems (marketing, sales, etc).

It is important to post regularly. This can be daily, or at least a few times a week. At KFNX we will do daily postings on social media using station updates, events, client’s re-posts, and programming posts (and also the weekly blog, etc.).

When you post regularly with links you are more likely to wind up in other contacts feeds. This also helps with SEO for your website, and social media.

Social media is very good to help grow your reach. Connect online with other business, friends, and influencers to expand your network. It raises the potential also for contacts to re-post your material.

Now social media is not the only area to promote your business. Do not forget about traditional areas to advertise your business like talk radio. KFNX uses social media in tandem with other common advertising platforms. We attend weekly networking events at chambers, or expos. KFNX also promotes the station on cabs, billboards, and magazine ads.

If you need help or want to talk further, please let us know. If you go to the 1100 KFNX blog you will see previous blogs that deal specifically with marketing topics, from emails to networking, or more on social media. Good luck with your marketing.


We write this blog to help small business owners with their dilemmas, because that is what who we are, and those are our clients.

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