The Benefits I have received from Hosting a Show on 1100 KFNX

I am Michael Colvin, the Host of the 'Valley Insider' radio show on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX. In this blog I will be introducing a little background on my business, and how it has benefited from my radio show.

Most of us out there have read Francis Battaglia’s blog on how 'Hosting Your Own Radio Show' is one of the best ways you can brand yourself as an expert in your industry, elevate yourself above your competition and grow your business. Well I’m telling you that this is 100% true. Since hosting the 'Valley Insider', I have done interviews with some my industry's big guns; Film Directors, authors, Actors and producers.

An example of this is April 2nd at 12pm. I will be interviewing the director of 'The Phoenix Incident'. This is the debut feature film of first-time writer-director Keith Arem, best known for his talent direction on AAA gaming franchises, including 'Call of Duty' and 'Saints Row'. This is a huge pull for my business and is opening many doors that would not have been open to me without my radio program.

In addition to my company Dimension 5 Productions being a business that sells to businesses, I often have my clients on the show to discuss their projects with our audience to get real time feedback via call in. The KFNX production staff even makes ready to air spots for my clients to play during my show. I cannot overstate the value of having my show on 1100 KFNX.

Hosting my show has given me a level of credibility that it not easy to gain. This has happened because KFNX gives me a platform to showcase my knowledge and experience in a way that makes me stand out from the crowd. It also gives me a platform to invite other top experts in my industry on my show as a guest (as stated in the example above). This reinforces your credentials as an expert and associates you with the top experts in your industry.  Hosting my own show has been a great door opener and networking opportunity for me, and can be for you as well.  As a talk show host you have the power of the media!

I know what you may be thinking, I don’t know how to host a show. Well neither did I. The staff at KFNX had me covered with Robert, their production manager. He gave me a wonderful 'how to' guide and took the time to do a one on one training that had me hosting like a pro in no time at all. Beyond that, they have a technical director there to run the show for you. These T.D.’s have been extremely professional with my guests and myself. The staff as a whole has been a joy to work with, and have made me feel like part of the KFNX family.

You may say as I did at first, “I am too busy to host a show” and “I can’t spend the money right now”. One of the best things to ever happen to my business and myself is hosting the 'Valley Insider'. It has opened many doors for me. It does not take much of my time, and what time it does take has been richly rewarding. As far as the expense, it has been the best R.O.I that I have ever had. All this is my true and unsolicited opinion on hosting my show. On top of all the benefits I have had with my show, one of the most important is I have a lot of fun doing it. 

So in closing, I will say first, listen to the 'Valley Insider', Saturdays at 12 noon on 1100 KFNX. Second, contact Francis Battaglia and let him help you as he has helped me, and countless others. 







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