Mobile marketing is the future of marketing and the future is now! Check out these stats. 61% of U.S. adults own a smart phone, 42% own a tablet and 32% own an e-reader. There are 143 million smart phones and 71 million tablets in the U.S. People spend 2+ hours per day on their smart phone. 25% only use their mobile device to access the internet. 57% won’t recommend a company with a poor mobile site. $400 billion will be spent on mobile marketing next year, up from $139 billion in 2012. 85% prefer mobile apps over websites. There are 224 million monthly mobile app users. 91% always have their phone on them. 95% of people are reached by brands using SMS. 90% of mobile searches lead to action followed by 50% in purchases. 50% have scanned a QR Code followed by 18% in purchases. 75% access Facebook and 60% access Twitter on their mobile devices. Mobile ads perform 5x better than online ads. 50% of B2B vendors sell through mobile. If you’re not using mobile marketing, you’re losing a lot of business. Here’s what you need to do to increase your mobile marketing.


You need to have a responsive website. With most people accessing your site through mobile, your site needs to be responsive to the device that’s receiving it. A responsive site will recognize whether a smart phone or tablet is accessing it and format it to fit the device’s screen. Responsive sites are relatively easy and inexpensive to build.


You need to have an App. With more people preferring and downloading Apps, you need to have an App that they can find. 86% of mobile users spend their time on Apps. Apps should represent a stream-lined version of your site, only incorporating the most important features of your site. Apps are relatively easy and inexpensive to build.


Mobile advertising is one of the most cost effective and underutilized ways to advertise. $30 billion was spent on online advertising in the U.S. last year versus $1.6 billion on mobile ads. Ad rates are 5x lower on mobile than desktop. Since most people search on mobile, search ads account for $3.329 billion or half of the $6.619 billion spent on mobile ads. Display ads on mobile accounts for $3.071 billion or most of the other half. Location based mobile advertising is growing.


Text message or SMS marketing is also one of the most cost effective and underutilized ways to reach potential customers on the move. Only $218 million of $6.619 billion in mobile ad spend is spent on text messaging. Most people always have their phones on them. 95-98% of text messages are read upon 5 seconds of receipt. Text messaging is the largest mobile marketing channel by revenue. Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more than traditional coupons. SMS engagement rates are 6-8 times higher than email. The average click through rate is 19% for SMS versus 4.2% for email. The average person receives 178 texts per month versus 1,216 emails. Only 5% opt-out of SMS campaigns.


Using QR Codes is another good way to reach potential customers with 50% downloading them and 18% purchasing. QR Codes are cheap and easy to create and use.


Now you know the importance of mobile marketing and what you need to do to increase your results with it. Are you doing everything you can with your mobile marketing? I look forward to searching for your mobile site, downloading your App, receiving your mobile ads and text messages and downloading your QR code. And please search for KFNX’s mobile site, download the KFNX App and view KFNX’s mobile ads and text messages.


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