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President Obama's popularity has been waning for what seems like an eternity but now he has lost the faith of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Protestors lined up when Obama visited New York City calling him a "corporate puppet."

Many reports have come out of late that Obama doesn't even like his job and this is now being reiterated by Tina Brown of all people.

Herman Cain has faced the press and public head on over the accusations against him but apparently he hasn't faced his wife over this? He is still deciding whether to stay in this or not.

And, after Occupy L.A. was asked to leave, they left 30 tons of debris at City Hall. That isn't a typo-30 tons.

GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER (R-WI), discusses the recall election against him over collective bargaining rights used by Unions, and why his efforts on the states economy have been more successful than has been reported.

And MIKE WHALEN, Founder of Heart of America and part of the Job Creators Alliance, and FRAN TARKENTON, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and entrepreneur, discuss the state of our economy, what is needed to put people back to work, payroll taxes, holiday taxes, tax breaks given to businesses who hire unemployed or part-time workers, and much more.

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