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It took long enough but at least Obama is finally admitting one truth, he is embracing class warfare. He is attempting to put Republicans on the defensive and gain public support by raising taxes on the wealthy, a strategy that is already failing based on the number of liberal media outlets doing stories on how little the tax hikes will truly help the nation.

CONGRESSMAN JOHN SULLIVAN (R-1st OK), stops by to talk about the vote this week on the TRAIN Act that calls for a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of EPA regulations proposed, and their impact on electricity costs and jobs.

CONGRESSMAN DENNIS KUCINICH (D-10th OH), discusses several topics including his jobs bill proposal that he believes would put millions back to work and improve infrastructure in the country. He will also discuss the millions of dollars being spent by California for a new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge that was made in China.

And ROBERT GLEASON, author, editor, and nuclear terrorism expert, talks about his new book titled End of Days, that follows a wealthy and relentless terrorist group that attempts to get their hands on nuclear weapons through the black market in an attempt to wipe out the planet.

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