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In a very surprising move the Obama Administration will not put up any fight and allow the constitutionality of Obamacare to go to the Supreme Court. If the mandate that requires Americans to purchase health care is overturned, could we see the beginnings of the entire health care bill coming to an end? In other court news, a judge in Alabama ruled to uphold most of the states immigration laws, a big win for Alabama. And the calls of "Pass this bill" have fallen on the surprisingly deaf ears of Harry Reid. When will Obama's jobs bill be brought up in the Senate? Not until well after recess according to one of Obama's top colleagues!

Joining the program will be CONGRESSMAN DENNIS KUCINICH (D-10th OH), continues the discussion on job creation, why even Democratic Senator Harry Reid won't get behind Obama's jobs bill, and the decision to let Obama's health care plan go to the Supreme Court.

Retired MAJOR GENERAL ROBERT SCALES, talks about a huge report he coauthored with General Barry McCaffery titled Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment, that looks at the catastrophe along our borders, the Mexican drug wars, and what this country needs to do to fix this.

And MATT KIBBE, President of Freedom Works, offers his thoughts on the current GOP field for President, Herman Cain's win in Florida, Perry's decline, Romney, and who the Tea Party would like to see win the nomination.

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