The Movie Was Not As Good As the Book – Re-Purpose Your Content

Many movies are base on popular books. This is good marketing because it creates a following for a movie before it is made with potential viewers who already read the book. If you listen to viewers who read the book as they leave the movie, you will hear a familiar expression. ‘It was good, but not as good as the book.’


There are a few reasons for this, could be the movie quality, but often it is how one takes in content and image a book created in their head. The movie is different, and may have adjusted the story, so now the viewer’s expectations are different than the book.


People take in information in different ways. Some people are visual, some auditory, and others kinesthetic. If someone prefers to read vs watching a video, the book might always be their preference.

Any good teacher will tell you that each student takes in information differently. There are:

1. Visual Learners: those that need to see pictures and graphs to visualize.

2. Auditory Learners: those who need to hear the information.

3. Kinesthetic Learners: those who need to engage in an activity in order to grasp a concept.

What we can learn from this as business people is to provide our content and marketing in different formats. To take it a step further, if you can pick up on how people talk (phrases, etc.) you can communicate better uses the words that relate to their style.

Example: If someone is visual, you may use a phrase like: ‘I see what you mean..’


When you post content about your business, whether it be weekly or monthly, it is good to post in different formats. Use all types of multimedia, blogs, videos, podcast, and social media. This will allow followers or prospects to consume the information in the format they prefer.


Now you may be saying, ‘I do not have the time to create a blog, video and other content weekly’. We are all busy, so we need to use technology to help us be more efficient. This is a classic 80/20 principle technique.


If you ever saw a big river flowing, it will break off into other streams and lakes. The water all came from the same source, that big river, but it was diverted into other bodies of water. Use the same principal for content creation for marketing, sales, etc.


Write a blog, then re-purpose that blog into a video script to film a quick video to post on YouTube. You post the links to the video (or blog) on your social media. You created 1 piece of content and used it in multiple areas of promotion.


Brendon Buchard, a famous online marketer calls this the circular viralocity concept. Create a piece of content and post it everywhere. Use the audio from your video for a podcast. It is very easy to pull the MP3 audio from a YouTube video. It keeps things efficient, making the most of your work. You want to make sure you post links to get back to your main content, and website.


Do not forget the visual people, place pictures and graphs within a blog if possible. Another idea is to create an infographic of a blog. Neil Patel has a good content creation YouTube video on this topic. He uses websites like Canva to create a infographic (or pays someone from sites like Dribble).


I would highly recommend both Brendon Buchard and Neil Patel YouTube videos for sales and marketing idea help in your business. Their free content is worth than most people who will charge you.


Bonus Tips:

Add backlinks and Keywords for SEO in your content and blogs


Write brief descriptions / summaries on your posted material

Have a Further reading section at end of the blog to learn more on a topic, or links to other material with your blog to get more information


Thanks for reading and good luck with your content.


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