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Joe Biden is Still at It

Joe Biden says that his latest class warfare campaign isn’t class warfare at all. He prefers the term “shared sacrifice.” Speaking to a crowd at Plymouth State University about paying for the “jobs bill” by increasing taxes on the rich, Biden says: “It doesn’t seem to me to be much ... for more visit http://www.boortz.com

Communist Nations Support the Occupiers

When you have China AND North Korea on your side, you know something has gone horribly wrong. But this is now the claim to fame of the Occupy Wall Street children. The Wall Street Journal reports … North Korea’s state news agency weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street protests ...for more visit http://www.boortz.com

Are You Smarter Than An Occupier?

Countries like North Korea and China are happy because they see an electorate that is so ill-informed that there is no possible way that America can stay on top with ignorance like this parading around. They wanted a job but they put a man who had never created a job ... for more visit http://www.boortz.com

A Little Lesson in Government Spending

The mantra of the Obama administration is that we need more government spending in order to stimulate the economy. Right? This is Keynesian economics, and clearly we are seeing how well that is working out for us. We have fewer jobs, bigger deficits, bigger government, and a stalled economy. This ...for more visit http://www.boortz.com

What a Week for Herman Cain

Herman Cain is everywhere, which is good for name-recognition purposes. The more people know Herman Cain, the more people like him. That’s why we will talk to Herman during today’s Presidential Power Hour, which will air during the Information Overload Hour. Now here is a round-up of some of the ...for more visit http://www.boortz.com

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