The Problem with Online- Only Radio and Podcasting

Why do I need to do a radio show and even pay for it when I can do an online-only show or podcast for free? Because you get what you pay for. If it’s free, what is it worth? Zero. As the old saying goes, “There’s no free lunch!”. Radio gets audience, attracts sponsors and gets results. Online-only radio and podcasting does not. Here’s why.


Radio still has its largest audience in its 100 year history with over 242 million people tuning in weekly in the U.S., that’s 98% of all adults. How many people are tuning into online-only radio and podcasts weekly? 56% of adults listen to online radio, which also includes radio streaming. The percentage listening to online-only radio is much less.  25% of adults listen to podcasts. Only 45% of people even know what a podcast is. The problem with online-only radio and podcasting is that there’s no barriers to entry. Since it’s free, anyone can start an internet-only show, station or podcast from their computer. With over 91,000 podcasts and tens of thousands online-only shows and stations, how do you build an audience? How does anyone find you to listen? I don’t know either. Radio already has a built in audience, with less stations and shows competing for that audience. 98% of adults tune-in weekly to radio to thousands of stations and shows. Less than 56% and 25% of adults tune-in to online-only radio and podcasts weekly to tens of thousands of shows and stations. Who’s going to have more audience?  Radio, ofcourse!


And how do you monetize that audience? Sponsors want to get their message out to the most people possible. They also want the best return on their investment. Radio has delivered audience and results for over 100 years. A recent study showed that for every $1 spent on radio, there’s a return of $6. Radio took in 17.649 billion in 2013. How much did online-only radio or podcasts take in? I don’t know either. There’s no stats, though it’s negligible compared to radio. With no measurable audience or results for online-only radio and podcasts, how do you sell sponsorship and get them results? I don’t know either. The under-lining business model for online-only radio and podcasting doesn’t exist.


So now you know why radio works and online-only radio and podcasting does not. Radio gets audience, online-only radio and podcasting does not. Radio attracts sponsors, online-only radio and podcasting does not. Radio gets sponsors results, online-only radio and podcasting does not. So what are you going to do to get your message out and get paid for it? Radio, not online-only radio and podcasting. That’s why even if you have to pay for radio, pay for it because it’s worth it! Also, radio includes online radio with streaming. You could also podcast your radio show by archiving it on your website and making it available for downloading. Online radio and podcasting is an addition to radio, not a replacement. I look forward to listening you on the radio, online and your podcast.


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