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Michael Savage created the phrase "Compassionate Conservative" when he started in radio in 1994. He has used this concept in his radio program and in conducting the first of four hugely successful Compassionate Conservative Conventions bearing that name in 1995. Savage has consistently drawn sold-out audiences to hear him live. For Savage, these words describe a "firewall of balance" that limits how far to the right his opinions go. Michael Savage was given the Freedom of Speech Award by Talkers Magazine in 2007. Savage graduated from Jamaica High School in Queens, New York then attended Queens College, in New York City where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Education. After college Savage taught high school science for several years in New York City before training as a scientist. Savage earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in Epidemiology and Nutritional Ethno-Medicine in 1978. Savage also holds two Master's degrees in Medical Botany and Medical Anthropology from the University of Hawaii. He spent decades searching and saving tropical rainforests. Savage is also the author of over 20 books (many on science and nutrition) including the recent political best sellers, The Savage Nation (2002), The Enemy Within: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on our Schools, Faith, and Military (2003), Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder (2005), The Political Zoo (2006), and Psychological Nudity (2008). "I guess people love my show because of my hard edge combined with humor and education," he says. "Those who listen to me say they hear a bit of Plato, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Moses, Jesus, and Frankenstein. I pull many of my life experiences, including that of father, son, husband, brother, ice cream factory worker, busboy, lifeguard, writer, scientist, and my huge library of books," says Savage. He is currently syndicated on nearly 400 stations. KFNX was voted one of the Top Ten Radio Stations in Arizona by Ranking Arizona with over 50,000 weekly listeners. KFNX has one of the largest signals of any Phoenix Radio Station with 50,000 watts reaching almost 5 million people throughout Arizona from Sedona to Tucson and Yuma to Globe and worldwide over 1100kfnx.com. KFNX exclusively features Five of the Top Ten Talk Shows in the country including - ‘Imus In The Morning’, mornings 3–5 am., ‘The Laura Ingraham Show’ mornings 6-9 am, ‘The Neal Boortz Show’ mid-mornings 10am - 12 noon, ‘The Mike Huckabee Show' mid-days 1-3 pm., ‘The Lars Larson Show’, afternoons 5–7 pm, 'The Michael Savage Show' nights 7 - 9 pm. KFNX is the Phoenix radio broadcast home of the University of Arizona Men’s Football and Basketball games and runs NFL and NCAA games. KFNX offers NBC national news and Marketwatch as well as local news, weather (with Jim Howl) and traffic around the clock. You can go to our website http://www.1100kfnx.com for more information on the station. Contact: Francis Battaglia, President KFNX 1100 Phone - (602) 277-1100, Ext. 1463 Email - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)






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