Tips for Optimizing the 4 Most Important Pages of Your Website

1) Home Page

Place the most important information front and center. Make it obvious where the user is supposed to go and what they are supposed to do next. Make your homepage aesthetically pleasing. Think of your homepage as you would your clothing everything should fit correctly and match.

Make your CTA as big and obvious as possible. A home page may allow for several different CTAs -- make it easy for the user to choose by making CTA buttons large and easy to click. Oftentimes, a user uses the home page as a way of finding where on the site she wants to go. For this reason, you should make the navigation menu very clear.


2) About Page

Deliver the most important and relevant information above the fold. The user is on your about page for a reason -- answer their question(s) without making them scroll.

Include at least one CTA. Remember, most people aren’t just looking for more information; they're seeking a deeper level of engagement with your business.

3) Blog

Organize information on your blog clearly, and make sure that information satisfies the reasons users might be on your blog.  You may also want to organize categories on the blog home page, such as “most recent,” “most popular,” or other forms of categorization.

Include CTAs that make it easy for the user to subscribe to the blog, download a free resource, and so on. Even though the user came to get information, you want them to get engaged and connected

Provide CTAs in the core design of your blog so they appear on each individual blog post. To get  users engaged, put CTAs on the sidebars, in the footer, and other places.)

 4) Contact Us Page

Put the information they’re looking for above the fold -- an email address, phone number, contact form, map, mailing address, and so on. Of all four of these webpage’s, the Contact Us page implies the most detailed level of intent on the part of the user.

Use CTAs that allow the user to contact you easily . Make the CTA really obvious, and engage them by gratifying their intent instantly, using CTA copy like ”Chat now!” “Email now!”.

Regardless of your most-visited pages or even the nature of your website, you can create more engaged users.







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