Oxford dictionary defines Talk Radio as: A type of radio broadcast in which the presenter talks about topical issues and encourages listeners to call in to air their opinions. What better way of getting your message to the masses is there than that? Well, in my humble opinion, there is no other.


Sure, you can use social media to put your message out to a sea of internet traffic where your posts get little more recognition than background noise. Studies have shown that a social presence, while necessary, makes very little impact. And with today’s algorithm changes, most posts aren’t even seen unless they’re paid for.


Talk radio allows for your voice to be heard. From a communication standpoint, 40 percent of your message is conveyed by the tone of your speech.  Do you support a certain position on a topic, what is your opinion on the topic and what’s your enthusiasm for the topic? All of this and much more is conveyed through the airwaves to the masses via talk radio.


We also love talk radio because it allows you an interaction with an audience via the call-in that no other mass communication offers. What other medium allows you to debate topics and get immediate feedback through spirited conversation with members of your target audience?


Talk radio brings a variety of topics, voices, opinions and facts to the table and offers a wide array of opinions based on them, whether the audience agrees or disagrees. The audience is not only listening, they are critically listening, taking in the message, thinking about it and forming their own opinions on what the host has said, something that I believe is limited only to talk radio audiences.


So while there are a variety of ways to get your message to the masses, some of which are free, the only way to really get the feeling and intent of your message across is by your voice being heard. You are the best messenger for your own thoughts on any subject.  So let your voice be heard!


We are in the business of bringing your message, your opinion, your voice, to your audience. Contact us  at Independent Talk 1100 KFNX to see how we can help you do this.


Michael Colvin

Traffic Manager

Independent Talk 1100 KFNX






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