NEED TO READ with host Allon Standifird

I was raised in a literate environment with 4 older siblings and no television so reading and broad games was our entertainment.

  I've been reading the Bible ( King James Version) from age seven and serious literature from age 11

 I've been self-employed for most of my working life and have started a couple of different businesses. But the most important thing throughout my life has been the reading of compelling and adventurous stories and sharing those with whom ever I can get to listen… And instilling in all my children and grandchildren as best I can the love of reading for fun, profit and understanding

  And that basically is what my show is about sharing with the public with whomever will listen the pleasure I have found in Reading. The Profit I have found in Reading and the understanding that I have found in Reading the thoughts and conclusions of others who were sold good to have written down these thoughts and conclusions that others might benefit… That posterity might have the benefit of their insight. And what I have found is that from the ancient writings to the current the same themes prevail and the same lessons are presented…. I try to present on my show quality reading material…. Something that has value for the casual or the serious reader. It is for this reason that I mostly recommended short stories. And this hustle-bustle world off times there is little time to read so I always try to recommend that while you're reading that full-length novel and trying to keep track of all the subplots and all the different characters… And that's good because you can live with them over the long period of time that it takes you to finish the novel, still owe you can take a break from that tedious task of keeping track of all the happenings in the long novel Saga and read a quick compelling short story… Inevitably I talk about politics and social intrigues because it's important to know how to understand what's being said in the public forum but I try to spend more time on recommended readings for my listeners and any beganer readers that they may be able to influence to master those critical skills of reading and interpretation



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